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What Do Your Palm Lines Reveal About Your Love Life?

What Do Your Palm Lines Reveal About Your Love Life?

By Amelia on 17 Apr 2020
Creative Editor

If you’re like me, you will turn to the universe for relationship advice to figure out about the issues of your relationship. But maybe the key to unlocking our love life has been in the palm of our hands this entire time. To read your own love line, do the following; bring your hands together with your pinky fingers touching and palms facing up towards you. Now look to see where and how your lines of love match up and what it truly means!


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The heart line reveals a person's attitude to love and quality of love. And whether your love and married life will go smoothly based on your heart line.

#1 Both lines match up 

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If both your hand lines are aligned neatly towards one another, you are a calm and loving person. You are someone who works things the logical way. However, people might view you as an inflexible person as you do not like disruptions in your everyday routine. Based on your personality, the opinion of your friends and family means a lot to you, hence it is not unusual if you were to marry a partner who gets along well with your family and friends.

#2 Your right-hand line is higher

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Is the line on your right hand higher than the one on the left? If it is, it means you are drawn towards someone that's older than you. You are someone that loves your freedom and has full confidence towards yourself. What others comment and judge about you doesn't seem to concern you. Before you fall in love with someone, you will need to understand every single aspect of their life and personality. In short, you will end up settling down with an older partner based on how wise they are.

#3 Your left-hand line is higher

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If the line on your left hand is higher than the one on the right, it means you are resilient, determined and, self-assertive. You crave for passionate, fiery love and you are someone that loves excitement. Looks matter to you, and maybe you will end up with someone that's based on your admiration of good looking people. Who knows you might even meet them at the next #TGIF party after Circuit Breaker ends?

Try this out and let us know if it's accurate.

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