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10 Things Every Girl Must Have & Will Need In Her Bedroom

10 Things Every Girl Must Have & Will Need In Her Bedroom

By Wei Yin on 16 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Your bedroom is the place you spend the most time in and it is also your safe haven.


Having the right things in your room will make the hours you spend it in more comfortable and cosy. Here are some things every girl must have and will need in her bedroom.

Check them out below!

#1 Lap table

Girl using a lap table on the bedPhoto from Taobao

Imagine having breakfast in bed, not having to sit on an uncomfortable chair while working and having afternoon tea while reading a book in the comfort of your own room, on your own bed! How nice, right? Make yourself comfortable with a lap table that can hold a laptop, food or book.

#2 Floor chair

Bread floor chairPhoto from k-sumai


A floor chair that looks cute and comfy will instantly brighten your mood whenever you enter your room. When you have guests over and don't wish to have others sit on your bed, a floor chair will come in handy. You could also lounge on the floor chair and laze the day away at home.

#3 Humidifier 

Mini humidifierPhoto from Pinterest

Spending hours in the bedroom with the air-conditioners blasting air at freezing temperatures can result in a dry nose and throat which causes discomfort. So, moisten the surrounding air with a mini humidifier placed in your room.

#4 Night light

Cloud night lightPhoto from Pinterest

If a dark room makes you feel uneasy and you can't fall asleep, get a night light with warm lighting that will lull you to sleep. This is also great for those who get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet or get a drink as it will help your eyes adjust to the dark.

#5 LED light mirror


LED light mirror on vanity tablePhoto from Pinterest

Get a LED light mirror to make your morning makeup routine a breeze! The best way to do your makeup is under natural light but if sunlight doesn't really stream into your room, the next best thing is a mirror with built-in LED lights.

#6 Makeup organiser

Acrylic makeup organiserPhoto from Pinterest

Keep your room and your vanity table neat because clutter can put you in a bad mood. Use a makeup organiser to keep all your makeup products so you will never have to rummage through drawers again looking for that particular product.

#7 Skincare organiser

Skincare organiser Photo from Pinterest

Just like how your makeup products need an organiser, your skin will thank you for storing your skincare products properly too. Keep your skincare products in a skincare organiser so that dust doesn't land on the bottles and cause pimples when you touch your face after touching the bottles.


#8 A diffuser

Reed diffuser in a bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

It's understandable if you can't open the windows to air your bedroom on weekdays as you will be at work. However, nothing sucks more than walking into your bedroom and smelling stale air after a tiring day outside. Simply place a diffuser in your favourite scent so that the air in your bedroom stays and smells fresh all day long.

#9 Jewellery organiser

Jewellery organiser on vanity tablePhoto from Pinterest

Keep all your jewellery in one place by getting a jewellery organiser so you will never lose your favourite earrings ever again. It also helps you to save time when you don't have to be running around your room looking for that missing earring when you are already late for work.

#10 Speaker

Marshall speaker on a tablePhoto from Wimke

Kick back and relax while listening to your favourite music playing from a speaker. Trust us, it will sound so much better and put you in a great mood after a long day at work.

Which of these do you own and which are the ones you will be getting soon?

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