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Your Guide To Which Nail Shape Suits Your Fingers The Best

Your Guide To Which Nail Shape Suits Your Fingers The Best

By Wei Yin on 03 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

We have written an uncountable number of articles on gorgeous nail designs to try out but without the right nail shape that flatters your fingers the most, even the prettiest nail design will not stand out.


Therefore, it's vital you find out which nail shape suits your fingers the best and we have just the guide for you.

Read on to find out more!


Square nail shapePhoto from Pinterest

The square nail shape will look great on those with thin and slender fingers. This nail shape works well either on short or long nails and creates a widening effect so it makes your fingers look more proportionate.


Oval nail shapePhoto from Pinterest


If you prefer shorter nails, try out oval, a shape that will help wide fingers appear slimmer. The smooth curved edges look delicate and natural so when paired with pastel colours, it creates beautiful nails for everyday wear.


Squoval nail shapePhoto from Pinterest

Although the squoval nail shape looks similar to the square nail shape, the difference is that the edges are more rounded than sharp. It creates a slightly more elegant look compared to the square shape and looks good on those with long and slim fingers.


Almond nail shapePhoto from Pinterest

Got stubby fingers and wish to create the illusion of longer fingers? Try out the almond nail shape! Similar to the oval nail shape but sharper, go for longer almond nails to make your fingers look longer and more feminine.


Ballerina nail shapePhoto from Pinterest

Ballerina is a more dramatic nail shape that is perfect for those who love long nails but still want to maintain a natural look. The shape is tapered on the sides with a straight tip. Not everyone can pull off this nail shape but if you have naturally strong and long nails, this is a nail shape to try. Otherwise, you may require getting extensions to achieve this shape.


Stiletto nail shapePhoto from Pinterest

The sharpest and most dramatic one in this list, the stiletto nail shape is undeniably cool although also impractical. If you have a daring fashion style and slender fingers, you could go all out and try this nail shape.

Which of these nail shapes is your favourite?

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