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These 4 Chinese Boys Love Or 'Bromance' Dramas Will Make You A Total Fangirl

These 4 Chinese Boys Love Or 'Bromance' Dramas Will Make You A Total Fangirl

By Karmen on 28 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

Love romance dramas? How about giving bromance dramas a shot?


We have a list of four Chinese BL (Boys Love) drama series with even more feels than romance dramas and will make you a total fangirl. Some of these series are adapted from novels that portray the male leads' relationships in a romantic light, but due to government censorship, the on-screen characters have a platonic bromance instead, with underlying romance that's still clear as day.

#1 The Untamed (2019)

The Untamed 2019 best chinese bl drama with bromance played by xiao zhan and wang yibo Photo from Tencent Penguin Pictures

This fantasy series follows the lives of two cultivators from their carefree youth days to their adult life attempting to solve a series of murder mysteries leading to the true culprit and villain of the story.

Considering the relatively modest budget for a period drama with 40 episodes, The Untamed has surprisingly high production value! While the CGI effects are questionable, the acting, costumes, suspenseful plot and cinematography more than makes up for it. This series was one of the most watched, highly rated and highest earning series of 2019 and its leading stars Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have shot to fame for their performances.

Check out the drama's main theme song performed by the two lead actors:


#2 Guardian (2018)

Guardian 2018 web series poster best chinese bl drama with bromance Photo from Shi Yue Film and Television

Guardian is set on an Earth-like planet called Haixing, populated by humans and two alien races - shapeshifters called the Yashou and superpowered beings who live underground called the Dixing.

Zhao Yunlan leads the Special Investigation Department (SID), a group that works to uphold peace between the surface-dwelling races and underground Dixing race. He meets Shen Wei, a university professor, and their friendship grows as an unknown enemy threatens to start a war between the races.

Fair warning, the plot can be confusing and illogical at times and the special effects are questionable. But on the whole, the series is entertaining and offers plenty of laughs and touching moments.

Check out episode one:

#3 Nirvana in Fire (2015)


Nirvana in Fire best chinese bl drama with bromance Photo from Shandong Film & TV Production

This Chinese historical series has everything you could ask for - political drama, intense battle scenes, stunning cinematography and a strong plot. To top it all off, it has a bit of bromance too! Prince Jing is unaware that his best friend Lin Shu is in fact alive and is under the alias Mei Changsu, helping him gain the throne.

This critically acclaimed series is a shining example of a Chinese period drama and you definitely should add to your watchlist!

Here's the drama OST performed by Hu Ge:

#4 S.C.I (2018)

S.C.I best chinese bl drama with bromance Photo from Alibaba Pictures

This crime series tells the story of Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao as they solve crimes in the S.C.I Team (Special Crime Investigation). While this series is flawed in certain aspects like the CGI effects, makeup, cinematography and music, the suspenseful storyline pulls you in and keeps you entertained from start to finish. If you're fascinated with psychology, you'll enjoy how the concept of psychology is weaved into the plot.

Watch the trailer here: