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5 Ways To Decorate & Maximise Space In Your Small HDB Bedroom

5 Ways To Decorate & Maximise Space In Your Small HDB Bedroom

By Wei Yin on 14 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

If you live in a HDB flat or will be moving into a BTO flat soon, you know the struggle of wanting to fit as many things into your bedroom as possible, but there is just not enough space!


With a queen sized bed, wardrobe and vanity table in the bedroom, the remaining space you have is limited.

So, here are five ways to decorate your small bedroom to maximise the space.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Place your bed on a platform

Platform bedPhoto from @美豪斯MHozz全屋定制 via 小红书

When deciding on the interior design of your bedroom, consider incorporating a platform where you can place your bed on top of it and keep things in the drawers and cabinets beneath the platform.

This gives you more nooks and crannies to hide your clutter instead of placing them around your room, making it look even smaller. Plus, a platform looks really minimalistic and neat. You can even save money on purchasing a bed frame for your mattress too.


#2 Include a bay window seat 

Bay window seatPhoto from @唯荒 via 小红书

If you are someone who wants a relaxing seating area in your room but think that there won't be enough space, think again! Rather than a few random seats placed around your room, opt for a bay window seat instead.

Installed near your bedroom window, it usually comes with cabinets beneath the seats for you to keep things in. Take inspiration from the image above and connect your vanity table to the bay window seat to save even more space.

#3 Place your bed at a corner

Bed pushed to a cornerPhoto from @果实儿的日常 via 小红书

For those whose bedrooms are really small, consider pushing your bed all the way to a corner of your room.

Although you won't be able to access the space between the wall and your bed as it's too squeezy, at least there will be more space in the rest of your room.


#4 Use light or neutral colours 

Colour palette for roomPhoto from Pinterest

Neutral colours in bedroomPhoto from @merciparkkk via 小红书

When choosing paint colours or bedroom decorations, keep in mind to choose light or neutral colours.

Going for darker colours might seem like it will make your bedroom look comfier, but in actual fact, it can make your room look even smaller! A brighter bedroom looks more spacious so it's definitely a better choice for small rooms.

#5 Install invisible grilles 

Invisible grillesPhoto from Invisible Grille Singapore

Rather than ugly black or white coloured window grilles, install invisible ones instead!

Of course they are not really invisible but it does give you a better unobstructed view when you look out of your window and because of that, your room appears wider and bigger at a glance.

This can be installed for all windows in your home and not just your bedroom too.

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