Enjoy A Luxurious Movie Experience At This Cinema In London That Will Bring You Back In Time

Enjoy A Luxurious Movie Experience At This Cinema In London That Will Bring You Back In Time

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ByWei Yin on 14 Feb 2020 Digital Editor

Watching a movie while being comfortably sprawled out along with yummy food and drinks is the ultimate dream!

Although we will get to experience that upon paying more for a Gold Class ticket at the cinemas in Singapore, if you will be heading to London soon, make sure you check out this stunning cinema that is one of the oldest working cinemas in Britain.

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Electric Cinema exterior
Photo from @东东小公主 via 小红书

Electric Cinema is one of London's oldest purpose-built cinemas and has survived two world wars, a bombing, and a major fire back in the days!

Electric Cinema projector
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Electric Cinema back seats
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Electric Cinema bed seats
Photo from @小苗子Tina via 小红书

Decked out in plush velvet beds and leather sofas and armchairs, you might just fall asleep there while watching a movie. With the beautiful interior design that will transport you back in time, it adds a bit more pizzazz to the whole movie experience.

Drinks in the Electric Cinema
Photo from @小苗子Tina via 小红书

Amp up the luxurious factor of your movie experience with the in-house bar that has a selection of cocktails, wine, beer, champagne and cinema snacks.


Electric Diner
Photo from SquareMeal

If you want a more filling option, head to the retro Electric Diner that is located adjacent to the Electric Cinema. It offers fast and friendly service in the comfort of a booth or bar seating.

Check out the admission prices below:

Admission prices
Photo from Electric Cinema

The prices are steep but the experience and ambience will be worth it! If you will be heading to London, United Kingdom for a holiday soon, plan a movie date there with your loved one or with your friend.

Legs stretched out
Photo from @小苗子Tina via 小红书

Stretch your legs, sit back, relax and enjoy your movie! 🥰

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