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10 Things You Should Bring For A Day At A Theme Park

10 Things You Should Bring For A Day At A Theme Park

By Karmen on 07 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

A trip to a theme park is a pretty big deal. You've spent a lot on the tickets and probably made a comprehensive plan to have fun. ? You're mentally prepared to conquer every scary ride, take lots of pictures and immerse yourself fully in this fun theme park world for a whole day.


That being said, all this will go according to plan only if you're fully prepared!

Keep reading to find out 10 things you should bring to a theme park to make sure your day goes well!

#1 Sunglasses

girl wearing sunglassesPhoto from Pinterest

If you're visiting a theme park in the summer, sunglasses are a must-have so you don't spend the day squinting or shielding your eyes from the sun. Plus, you'll look good in photos! ?

Make sure your sunglasses has protection against UVA and UVB rays to protect your peepers. ?

#2 Poncho or extra set of clothes


girl wearing poncho with sunflowersPhoto from Pinterest

If you're going on a water ride, be prepared with a lightweight poncho which will also come in handy if it starts raining. A floppy piece of plastic draped over is not the most flattering look, so style-conscious theme park-goers can pack an extra set of clothes instead.

If you don't fancy carrying around a whole set of clothes, at least bring extra underwear. Trust us, it's not fun to walk around a theme park in wet underwear. ?

#3 An extra pair of socks

white rabbit socksPhoto from Pinterest

Even if the poncho protects your clothes from getting wet, your feet are left to the mercy of water splashes! Wet socks can really ruin the fun, so remember to bring an extra pair to change into.

#4 Medication

pill box with compartmentsPhoto from Pinterest


Headaches, period cramps, gastric pain, fever etc., you never know what might happen in those 10 hours at a theme park! Be prepared by packing your usual medication so your day isn't dampened by any pain or discomfort.

#5 Hand sanitiser 

clear facial essence Photo from Pinterest

Think about how many hands have held on to the handles for their dear life at the ride you're on. ? To add to the gross factor, a lot of theme park snacks like popcorn and fries are usually eaten by hand. Virus or no virus, it's best to carry a hand sanitiser with you to keep the germs away.

#6 Water bottle

green and pink water bottlesPhoto from Pinterest

When at a theme park, you might find yourself going "Why is X so expensive?" throughout the day, and that includes drinks! To save yourself some money and keep yourself hydrated, bring a small water bottle and refill it at the water coolers for free!

#7 Sunblock


girl with sunscreenPhoto from Pinterest

Some theme park rides have queueing areas that are not sheltered, which means you might be spending quite a lot of time under the sun. As you're sweating, your sunscreen would most likely melt off mid-day. Bring a small bottle of sunscreen to reapply! An easy option is a spray-on sunscreen which you can apply anytime without needing to find a bathroom to wash your hands first.

#8 Portable phone charger

peach portable phone chargerPhoto from Pinterest

If you're taking photos, uploading Insta stories and entertaining yourself while waiting in lines, this can drain your battery quickly!

#9 Sealable plastic bag

phone in sealable plastic bagPhoto from Pinterest

This will come in handy in a number of situations. You can use it to store your wet poncho or clothes. When you go on water rides, you can protect your phone by sealing it in this waterproof plastic bag!

#10 A sensible bag

green and pink backpacksPhoto from Pinterest

Last but not least is the right bag to put all these essential items in. The best bag is one that allows you to move about with both hands free, like a cross-body bag or backpack. Make sure you use a quality bag with thick straps so it won't break easily or cause painful marks on your shoulders.

If you're going to the theme park in a group, try not to bring a bag that's too big! Some rides require you to pay for a locker to store your belongings before you go on the ride. Bring a bag that isn't too big so you and your friends can share a locker and save costs!

Besides bringing these 10 essentials, it's also important to wear the right outfit to a theme park! Besides the major theme parks, there are also options nearer to home like the Euro Fun Park In Johor Bahru!

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Text by: GirlStyle SG