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What To Wear To A Theme Park To Look Cute While Staying Comfy

What To Wear To A Theme Park To Look Cute While Staying Comfy

By Karmen on 11 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Spending a whole day in a theme park like Disneyland sounds fun, but it can be tricky to stay comfortable and cute through the heat, rollercoasters and cotton candy.


If you're heading to a theme park soon, read on to check out our tips on what to wear!

#1 Sunglasses

girl in disneyland wearing mouse ears, sunglasses, a white tshirt and denim shortsPhoto from Pinterest

Sunglasses are a must-have to keep you from squinting under the sun. Plus, it looks super stylish too!

#2 A hat or cap

two girls wearing matching skirts, caps and jackets but in pink and blue while in disneylandPhoto from Pinterest


While you should definitely apply a generous amount of waterproof sunscreen, it might not last the whole day if you're sweating in the heat. To avoid sun damage, consider wearing a hat or cap.

#3 A mini backpack

girl wearing a romper and mini backpack while holding a large bunch of balloons in disneylandPhoto from Pinterest

When you're spending all day on your feet queueing for rides, you don't want to bring a bunch of stuff to weigh you down. Go for a mini backpack that's just enough to hold your essentials and a water bottle. It'll also let you have your hands free to take pictures and snack on the theme park goodies!

Korea Fashion Floral mini BagPackPhoto from

Try this adorable Floral Backpack ($10.40)!

#4 Loose-fitting clothes

two korean girls wearing matching outerwear and shorts in different colours while in a theme parkPhoto from Pinterest


korean girl wearing a striped off shoulder top and red shortsPhoto from Pinterest

If it's summer, opt for loose-fitting tops and breathable fabrics like cotton. For bottoms, shorts with an elastic waist and denim shorts that aren't too tight are your best bet to look good and feel comfortable. Go for a loose cropped top with high-waisted shorts to look effortlessly stylish and stay cool and comfortable all day.

If your style is more feminine, you can also go for an A-line skirt or skorts with a comfortable waistline.

If it's winter, a loose top with a jacket and leggings is your best bet.

#5 Athleisure

korean girl wearing an oversized sweatshirt and a capPhoto from Pinterest

korean girl wearing a white sports bra and black leggings and jacketPhoto from Pinterest

Athleisure is a stylish option that will let you move around comfortably all day. Try an oversized sweatshirt with shorts for a cute look!


#6 Covered shoes

girl wearing blue sweater and shorts and a pair of white platform sneakersPhoto from Pinterest

While flip flops may be comfortable, you may have to remove them for rides in case they fall off your feet. To save yourself the hassle, opt for covered shoes like sneakers. Check out more of our options for comfortable and stylish shoes!

#7 Avoid white

girl wearing adidas athleisure and a pink bagPhoto from Pinterest

There's a high chance you'll get wet in an amusement park if you're going on all the rides. Even if you avoid the water rides, you'll be sweating in the hot sun and sweat stains show up easily on white clothes.

#8 Bring extra clothes

korean girl wearing a long sleeved crop top and high waisted denim shortsPhoto from Pinterest

If you're going on the water rides, you may get completely soaked! Bring a lightweight outfit to change into in case that happens! It may get colder during the night even in summer, so bring a light jacket along to bring your outfit from day to night.

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