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French Luxury Brand Hermès Launches Lipsticks For Its Very First Makeup Line

French Luxury Brand Hermès Launches Lipsticks For Its Very First Makeup Line

By Wei Yin on 21 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

French luxury brand Hermès is launching a collection of lipsticks called Rouge Hermès for its very first makeup line.


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Hermès new lipsticks packagingPhoto from Hermès

Venturing into the beauty industry for the first time in 183 years since its establishment, we are super excited and curious about the brand's very first makeup product!

The lipsticks will come in 24 different shades and two finishes - matte and satin, and are apparently inspired from an archive of 75,000 silk swatches and 900 leather shades. Wow!

Close up of Hermès lipsticksPhoto from Hermès

The packaging for the lipsticks is not exactly luxurious-looking but definitely stands out from other luxury brands who prefer to dress their makeup products in sleek packaging. We actually really like how the brand is making use of different colours for its packaging as it will probably add a touch of fun to our daily makeup routine.

Environmentalists will be glad to know that the packaging is plastic-free and made from the same metals used for the brand's handbag hardware. Plus, they are refillable!

Crafted using natural ingredients such as beeswax and mulberry extract, the lipstick colours will range from deep purple and rose to red and bright orange. You will surely find something you like among the 24 different shades.

The collection is set to launch in March so mark your calendar if you are planning to get one to try.

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