Last Minute Simple Gold Nail Designs For A Huat Chinese New Year!

Last Minute Simple Gold Nail Designs For A Huat Chinese New Year!

ByWei Yinon21 Jan 2020Digital Editor

We are only a few days away from Chinese New Year but if you haven't gotten your nails done, fret not.

You still have some time (albeit not a lot) to book an appointment with your manicurist or try to paint your nails yourself. To help you, we have curated a list of simple gold nail designs to inspire you. Bonus: gold nails will bring in all the huat, especially during CNY!

So, get on with it because time is running out.

Check out the designs below! 


Gold chrome and gold glitter nails
Photo from Pinterest

Go all out with this gold chrome and gold glitter nail design.


Nude pink and gold nails
Photo from Pinterest

These gold nails with a nude pink base adds a feminine touch to your CNY outfit.


Pink marble and gold flakes nails
Photo from Pinterest

The marble nail design is relatively easy to achieve but just remember to stick on the gold flakes for a prosperous CNY!


Gold nails with gems attached
Photo from Pinterest

This design looks difficult but it's not! Simply attach gold coloured gems or diamonds to your nails for the wow factor.


Mauve pink and gold nails
Photo from Pinterest

For the ladies who prefer something simple but elegant at the same time, this subtle gold nail design with mauve pink and maroon is the one to try.


Gold nails with shells and glitter
Photo from @XJ via 小红书

The focus of this nail design is the transparent base, gold flakes and glitter at the tip of the nail.


Bronze nails
Photo from @942294435 via 小红书

If gold is too much for you, bronze works too! Attach some shell pieces and gold flakes on some of your nails to amp up the luxurious feel.


This nail design with an ombre effect and gold flakes attached looks very classy!


Matte pink nails with gold balls attached
Photo from @尾巴头很油 via 小红书

Attach some gold balls to the tip of your nails for something pretty yet not overwhelming.


Red nails with gold flakes
Photo from @朱静 via 小红书

For double huat factor, pair red with gold!

Which of these is your favourite?

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