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7 Disneyland Tips For A Magical Time At The Happiest Place On Earth

7 Disneyland Tips For A Magical Time At The Happiest Place On Earth

By Wei Yin on 10 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

Although it's a shame that we don't have a Disneyland theme park in Singapore, it's still good to know these seven tips. 


These tips will help you have a magical time at the happiest place on earth when you visit a Disneyland park.

Check out the tips below! 

#1 Purchase your tickets online beforehand

Holding Disneyland ticketsPhoto from Pinterest

This is a must-do before visiting a popular attraction like Disneyland. You wouldn't want to be wasting time queuing up to purchase tickets when you can just breeze through the queues and head to the front armed with a QR code that will allow you entry into the park.

Purchase the tickets online before you travel to your destination and you will usually get to save some money as compared to purchasing it on the spot.

#2 Get there before it opens


Disneyland entrancePhoto from Pinterest

We know this sounds super kiasu but you will not regret getting there before the park opens. The later you get there, the more crowded it's going to be.

Be one of the first few to get into the park and get to your favourite rides before everyone else!

#3 Purchase your return train ticket before entering the park

Duffy and Friends monorail trainPhoto from Dtimes

If you will be taking the train to Disneyland, remember to purchase your return train ticket once you get there to avoid the long queues in the evening when everyone else is leaving the park at the same time.

#4 Plan your day - which rides to queue up for first

Shanghai Disneyland ridePhoto from Pinterest


Going to Disneyland is exciting except for the dreaded long queues at every ride.

Make it less torturing by planning your day - research on the rides prior to getting to the park and decide on which are your favourites or queue for the most popular rides first.

Some rides are more popular than others so you wouldn't want to be only queuing for it when it's nearing the end of the day, you might not make it before the park closes!

#5 Pick up a map 

Disneyland mapPhoto from Pinterest

Every Disneyland park is huge. Like, really huge!

Avoid looking like a lost child by picking up a map at the entrance. It's going to come in handy when you need to identify where your favourite rides are or where to dine at.

#6 Only shop before you leave the park


Soft toys on a shelfPhoto from Pinterest

All those shops in Disneyland selling adorable and cool merchandise are just too tempting. Trust us, we get it!

But, don't step into them and shop away once you get there. Imagine lugging all those shopping bags around with you throughout the day, yikes!

Allocate some time before you leave the park to do all your shopping so that once you are done, you can head home with all your loot.

#7 Download the official Disneyland apps

Shanghai Disneyland appPhoto from Shanghai Disney Resort

Download the official app for Shanghai Disney Resort and enhance your visit. You can see estimated wait times for attractions and entertainment, make Disney Fastpass and Disney Premier Access selections, view entertainment schedules, browse interactive maps and more.

Disneyland Resort appPhoto from Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Park in California and Disney California Adventure Park have a similar app that you can download too.

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