Ultra Adorable My Melody 45th Anniversary Merchandise All Sanrio Fans Must Get

Ultra Adorable My Melody 45th Anniversary Merchandise All Sanrio Fans Must Get

ByWei Yin on 09 Jan 2020 Digital Editor

Fans of Hello Kitty's best friend, My Melody, look here!

My Melody 45th Anniversary
Photo from Sanrio

The cute white rabbit with an iconic pink hood over its ears and a sweet flower attached to the head is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year and Sanrio has just released a set of ultra adorable merchandise in light of the event.

Check them out below!

#1 My Melody plush toy

My Melody plush toy
Photo from Sanrio

Decorated with a pink bow with flowers attached, this plush toy (7150 JPY, ~SGD 89) is sure to awaken all your childhood dreams.

#2 My Melody keychain 

My Melody keychain
Photo from Sanrio

A mini version of the plush toy, this keychain (2530 JPY, ~SGD 32) is even cuter!

#3 My Melody bag

My Melody bag
Photo from Sanrio

Flaunt your love for My Melody by carrying this bag (3850 JPY, ~SGD 48) around.

#4 My Melody pouch

My Melody pouch
Photo from Sanrio

A pop-up My Melody attached to the pouch (2530 JPY, ~SGD 32) for a 3D effect, sign us up!

#5 My Melody tissue pouch

My Melody tissue pouch
Photo from Sanrio

Brighten your day whenever you reach into your bag for some tissues with this tissue pouch (2200 JPY, ~SGD 27).

#6 My Melody chain pouch

My Melody chain pouch
Photo from Sanrio

Get this chain pouch (2530 JPY, ~SGD 32) for the little children (or yourself) in your life.

#7 My Melody iPhone 7/8 phone case

My Melody iPhone case
Photo from Sanrio

The only time to feel happy about using an older phone model 😂 This iPhone 7/8 case (4180 JPY, ~SGD 52) is too pretty to pass up!

#8 My Melody cosmetic basket

My Melody cosmetic basket
Photo from Sanrio

Leave this cosmetic basket (3300 JPY, ~SGD 41) on your vanity table to look at it everyday.


#9 My Melody mirror

My Melody mirror
Photo from Sanrio

My Melody mirror opened up
Photo from Sanrio

A girl must always carry a mirror (2530 JPY, ~SGD 32) around in her bag!

#10 My Melody acrylic keychain

My Melody acrylic keychain
Photo from Sanrio

You will never forget to bring your keys out again with this acrylic keychain (770 JPY, ~SGD 10) attached to it.

#11 My Melody hand towel

My Melody hand towel
Photo from Sanrio

Delight your guests with this hand towel (770 JPY, ~SGD 10) when they visit your home.

#12 My Melody face towel

My Melody face towel
Photo from Sanrio

This face towel (1320 JPY, ~SGD 16) will make you look forward to washing up after a tiring day.

#13 My Melody hoodie

My Melody hoodie
Photo from Sanrio

Look like My Melody in this hoodie (6490 JPY, ~SGD 81)!

#14 My Melody clear file

My Melody clear file
Photo from Sanrio

Get this clear file (495 JPY, ~SGD 6) for the kiddos in your life who are still studying.

#15 My Melody stickers

My Melody stickers
Photo from Sanrio

Another gift for the kids - these stickers (440 JPY, ~SGD 5) will surely bring a smile to their faces.

#16 My Melody figurine

My Melody figurine
Photo from Sanrio

The My Melody we are all so familiar with, in the form of a figurine (4180 JPY, ~SGD 52) for you to display it anywhere you like.

Which is your favourite? As these are only available in Japan, you can join a pre-order hosted by a traveller on Airfrov here.

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