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Blushers In Beautiful Milk Tea Shades To Cop For Rosy Cheeks

Blushers In Beautiful Milk Tea Shades To Cop For Rosy Cheeks

By Wei Yin on 09 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

One must never skip out on applying blushers when putting on makeup - it's a vital product that brings colour to your face and makes you look more awake.


If you are not sure how you should apply blushers, read our tips on six blusher techniques for different occasions. Now, with that aside, here are some blushers in beautiful milk tea (yes, it's milk tea again because why not) shades you must cop.

Check them out below! 

#1 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot #Diotima 

Model wearing Diotima blusherPhoto from Stylenanda

Diotima blusherPhoto from Stylenanda

This cream blusher by 3CE (22 USD, ~SGD 29) in a burnt orange and brownish shade is too pretty!

With a lightweight and matte formula, you won't have to worry about it feeling sticky on your cheeks. The best thing about this blusher is how you can use it on other parts of your face such as your eyelids and lips, talk about getting your money's worth!


#2 CEZANNE Natural Cheek 17

@Jerrain_ via 小红书Photo from @Jerrain_ via 小红书

A rosy brown shade, this blusher in shade number 17 by Japanese brand CEZANNE ($9.90) is not only affordable but will look extremely flattering on your cheeks too.

#3 NARS Blush

Model wearing NARS blushPhoto from @原口元子 via 小红书

NARS blush in Madly shadePhoto from Sephora

This NARS blush in the Madly shade ($52) is a shimmering tan pink colour that is subtle but will let you glow like a goddess. Build up the intensity slowly to your desired look!

#4 Milani Rose Powder Blush 01 Romantic Rose


Milani blushPhoto from @何小瑶Chilly via 小红书

This light rosy brown blusher by Milani ($19.50) is so gorgeous in the compact but will be even prettier on your cheeks!

It contours and highlights your cheeks for a soft finish that will complement most skin tones.

#5 Judydoll blush

Judydoll blushPhoto from @猫屎雪碧 via 小红书

This Judydoll blush in the 06 shade ($5.90) is great for ladies who just want some colour on their cheeks.

It has a matte finish that can be slowly built up to your desired intensity.

#6 Laura Mercier Blush Colour Infusion

Model wearing Laura Mercier blushPhoto from @yuuue- via 小红书

Laura Mercier blush in Ginger shadePhoto from Sephora

This Laura Mercier blush in the Ginger shade ($49) is an orangey brown colour that will brighten your complexion.

It's also designed to layer flawlessly for the most natural, fresh look.

Which of these will you be getting?

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