An Effortless & Fuss-Free Way For Working Women To Achieve A Slim Figure

An Effortless & Fuss-Free Way For Working Women To Achieve A Slim Figure

By Wei Yin on 17 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Everybody wants a slim figure that looks good in whatever we wear but it's not easy to achieve that without putting in time and effort.

For working ladies though, time is not on our side - 24 hours a day is simply not enough for us to juggle between work, family, our social life and some personal me time.

When we are already so bogged down by life, setting aside time or putting in effort to workout is out of the question for many of us. Going on a diet is equally torturing and time-consuming, having to wake up earlier when we are already so tired just to prepare low-calorie meals every day.

So, I tried out an effortless and fuss-free way for working women to achieve a slim figure and put it to the test.

Read on to find out more!

Bottomslim Paya Lebar outlet storefrontPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Bottomslim is the first and only brand in Singapore that focuses on body contouring. They use clinically proven lower body slimming techniques and non-invasive treatments to help women achieve or regain confidence.

Bottomslim's treatments will be able to make a change for ladies whose concerns are belly fat, flabby thighs, cellulite or stretch marks. The best part? No painful exercises or surgical procedures required and no need to go on a diet!

I tried the Signature Tummy Slimming Therapy, a treatment that helps to burn fat, promote blood circulation, aid in detoxification, strengthen and tone muscles as well as improve body metabolism (an integral part to achieving a slender figure).

Model doing consultation at BottomslimPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Before the treatment, I was brought into a room for a one-to-one consultation where I had the opportunity to share my concerns with the beautician. I was asked some questions about my lifestyle habits and a body analysis was done to see which machines would be suitable for me as each treatment is entirely customised to the individual's body needs.

Model doing detox step at BottomslimPhoto from GirlStyle SG

The first step in the treatment is a body detox to prevent rebound in the future. An ematrix machine was used to transmit heat and a slight current to tighten skin and melt fats.

Model doing massage at BottomslimPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Next, a gel was applied to my tummy to soften fats. It had a minty, cooling feeling which felt really soothing and relaxing! The beautician then gave me a tummy massage to improve blood circulation and to aid in the burning of fat cells.

Shining infrared light on model's tummy at BottomslimPhoto from GirlStyle SG

An infrared light was then shone onto my tummy to increase absorption of the gel, promote lifting and also increase blood circulation. You may have noticed that most of the steps had to do with increasing blood circulation. That is because when you exercise, there is better blood circulation and this is to simulate what it's like when you actually work out.

Using Oxyfat machine on model at BottomslimPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Lastly, an Oxyfat machine was used to decrease any bloating, relieve constipation and continue melting fats. It has a bit of warmth to it which helped me to relax even more.

Before and after image of model's tummyPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Before the treatment, the circumference of my waist was 86cm and after the treatment, it became 79cm! I could see that my tummy looked more toned and I felt less bloated, which in turn made my stomach feel tight, as if I just did sit-ups and planks (except that I did not). What I really liked about the treatment is that I just had to head there after a tiring day at work and lay down on the bed. Not a single finger lifted to see results and it was just one session!

At Bottomslim, they focus on inch loss and not weight loss. What this means is that they target the most noticeable areas such as the tummy, hip and thighs. You will see differences in your body rather than mere numbers on the weighing scale. As the pioneer of lower body slimming, Bottomslim is a reputable brand that many trust in, even appearing on beauty and wellness programmes such as Lady First (女人我最大)! You know you will be in good hands at Bottomslim.

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If you want to try out the treatment for yourself, Bottomslim is currently having an exclusive promotion.

Promotion details:
$10 for 3 sessions of Signature Tummy, Hip, Thigh Slimming Therapy
- Click here to sign up

I really enjoyed the session after a hard day at work so you should choose from one of the five outlets located islandwide that is nearer to you so you can head there after work to relax too!

Tong Building
?302A Orchard Road, Tong Building #06-03A Singapore 238862

Nex Mall
?23, Serangoon Central, Nex Mall #03-31 Singapore 556083

Novena Square 2
?10, Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2 #03-11/19 Singapore 307506

?2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-01, Singapore 609731

Paya Lebar Quarter
10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-24 , Singapore 409057

Your wish of a slimmer body without having to put in too much effort is now attainable!

This post is brought to you by Bottomslim. 

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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