10 Things You Will Need & Must Bring With You When Travelling

10 Things You Will Need & Must Bring With You When Travelling

ByWei Yin on 09 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Imagine this: You just landed in your dream travel destination and it's all fun and games till you realise you didn't bring some of the most important things needed with you.

And when you finally notice, it's too late. You are thousands of miles away from home and will now have to go look for and purchase necessities you need for your trip, wasting precious time.

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Don't let such a scenario happen during your long-awaited trip! Make sure you have these 10 things that you will definitely need and must bring with you when travelling, so that you won't give your travel mates and yourself unnecessary stress.

Read on to find out what they are!

#1 Medication

Medicine box
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Regardless of whether you seldom fall sick or you think you have a strong immune system, you should always still pack medication and bring it overseas with you. We cannot stress this enough because when you get to a foreign country, chances are the difference in air quality, environment and other factors can affect your body.

If you are travelling to a country where there will be language barriers and purchasing medication will be a problem, having your own medicine can save your life.

Remember to pack fever, cold and diarrhoea medicine as these are some of the more common illnesses people contract when abroad. If you have high blood pressure and other medical conditions, make sure you pack those medications too!

When you know you have medicine with you anytime and anywhere you need it, your mind will be at ease, allowing you to truly enjoy your trip.

#2 Travel adaptor

Travel adaptor
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This is another must-have when travelling overseas! It might sound like a no-brainer but you will be surprised at how people tend to forget to bring the most obvious and important things.

As different countries use different plugs, be sure to bring this along so that all your gadgets can be fully charged.

#3 Hand sanitiser 

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This small little bottle is way more powerful than you think. If you are going to a country where toilets are more rundown or difficult to locate, having a hand sanitiser with you will help.

Apply some to kill germs before you use your hands to pick up food! This is especially important as you wouldn't want to suffer from an upset stomach while on your holiday.

#4 Printed version of your itinerary 

Printed itinerary
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Trust us on this! Print your itinerary out and bring it along with you on your trip. Having a digital copy on your phone is great for convenience but what happens when your trusty phone decides to die on you and you have no portable chargers with you?

You can never be too careful. Having a printed version allows you to continue on with your day even when your phone is down. Make sure your itinerary is as detailed as possible and includes all the necessary information such as addresses and telephone numbers of the places you will be visiting.


#5 Money belt

Money belt
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If you will be carrying a large amount of cash on you during your trip, get a money belt like the one above. Tie it around your waist under your clothes to conceal it and put your most important belongings such as money, passport and credit cards in it.

#6 Mini first aid kit

Mini first aid kit
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A mini first aid kit will come in handy when you hurt yourself on a hike or during an outdoor activity. You may not find a convenience store or supermarket that easily so these bandages and plasters will help.

#7 Mini sewing kit

Mini sewing kit
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When a button pops open or when you need to mend some clothes, a mini sewing kit will come to the rescue. As you are overseas and will not have your entire sewing kit full of abundant materials with you, a mini one shall suffice.

Make sure you include needles, thread, extra buttons and scissors in it!

#8 Luggage scale

Digital luggage scale
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Remember to bring a digital luggage scale with you on your trip especially if you are a shopaholic! You wouldn't want to take the risk and only weigh your luggage at the airport. If the weight exceeds, you will have to pay extra or say goodbye to some of your stuff in an attempt to reduce the weight of your luggage.

That would really dampen your mood and burn a hole in your pocket at the same time. Prevent such a thing from happening by weighing your luggage before heading to the airport so that you can at least purchase an extra carry-on bag if the weight exceeds.

#9 Handheld fan

Handheld fan
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This is a life saviour if you are travelling to somewhere hot! It's small and portable so you can just whip it out to keep yourself cool in the hot weather.

#10 Hand warmer

Hand warmer
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Pack hand warmers if you are travelling to somewhere cold. These can be placed in your pockets for extra warmth for your hands too.

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