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Feel Like A Moroccan Royalty At This Cafe In ION Orchard

Feel Like A Moroccan Royalty At This Cafe In ION Orchard

By Amanda on 28 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

If you are always on the hunt for new cafes, you must not miss out on this cafe with royal Moroccan vibes in ION Orchard! With its interior inspired by the Dar el Bacha Palace in Marrakech and the coffee scent permeating the air, Bacha Coffee will transport you to Morocco immediately with its sights and smells.

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tea partyPhoto from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)

Bacha Coffee in ION Orchard is the cafe's first international outlet and it opened to much fanfare this year with its unique cafe experience not found in Singapore before. If you are a fan of coffee, you have to check out this cafe, which boasts a collection of more than 200 coffees from 30 countries.

@Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)Photo from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)

Don't worry if you are spoilt for coffee choices! The staff are more than willing to help you choose your perfect coffee according to your taste and the food you order with the coffee. Each serving of coffee which comes in a brass kettle with a long sprout costs around $9, which may be a tad pricey for some but more than worth it for the coffee addicts! Chantilly cream, grated vanilla seeds and sugar are available at every table so add them according to your liking.

tea partyPhoto from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)

While you are there, make sure you try out their desserts such as their best-selling Tiramisu ($12), which is only available in limited quantities every day. Dig through the layers of mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder to find a coffee jelly in the center that will melt in your mouth. The other desserts at Bacha Coffee are also unique in their own ways and worth a try!

tins of coffeePhoto from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)


blue mesh wire wallPhoto from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)

While you are there, make sure you take some photos with the unique palace-esque interior in blue and gold tones.

tea partyPhoto from @Pearlzeng (via Little Red Book)

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a chill afternoon with great coffee and desserts, do consider Bacha Coffee. Besides, it's so conveniently located in town!

Bacha Coffee

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