Adorable New Christmas Menu At Q-Pot Cafe In Tokyo

Adorable New Christmas Menu At Q-Pot Cafe In Tokyo

ByKarmen on 15 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

No one does adorable better than Japan, even Christmas has been kawaii-fied at Q-Pot Cafe in Tokyo!

Their limited edition Christmas menu is melting our hearts and teasing our tastebuds.

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Q-Pot is a popular Japanese jewellery brand that makes jewellery and accessories that look like sweets. And in turn, Q-Pot Cafe is where you can enjoy sweets made to look just like the Q-Pot jewellery!

This sweet cafe has just rolled out their adorable Christmas menu and everything looks too good to eat.

#1 Melty Snowman Plate (¥2,060, ~S$)

Q-Pot Cafe Melty Snowman Plate
Photo from Q-Pot Cafe

Munch on a tiny snowman made of coconut meringue with coconut flakes like snow falling on white vanilla mousse. A  Strawberry Santa Claus makes an appearance on the plate too!

Enjoy it with strawberry mascarpone ice cream and your favourite flavour of Q-pot CAFE macron which looks like their macaron jewellery!

#2 Chocolate Bear Cake Parfait (¥1,850, ~S$)

Q-Pot Cafe Chocolate Bear Cake Parfait
Photo from Q-Pot Cafe

Chocolate lovers will love this parfait made of creamy chocolate ice cream, sweet and sour strawberry compote and a bitter taste gateau au chocolat to balance out the flavour. Layers of sweet pistachio cream and feuillantine complete this delectable dessert!

#3 Milk Bear Cake Parfait (¥1,850, ~S$)

Q-Pot Cafe Milk Bear Cake Parfait
Photo from Q-Pot Cafe

This one's almost the same as the Chocolate Bear Parfait except with the chocolate replaced with a Milk Bear made of salty milk ice cream that has a sweet and soft taste.


#4 Sweet Kingdom Afternoon Tea Set (¥2,400 per person, ~S$)

Q-Pot Cafe Sweet Kingdom Afternoon Tea Set
Photo from Q-Pot Cafe

Now for the piece de resistance: this gorgeous Christmas Afternoon tea set!


On the top tray, you'll have cinnamon gingerbread cookies with caramel ganache, red velvet cupcakes with pistachio cream, vanilla panna cotta with glittering argent and a petit creamy macaron.

The sweet goodness continues in the lower tray with sandwichs made with roast beef and demi-glace tomato sauce, a rich potage made from onions, potatoes and cheese accompanied by olives, tomatoes, and pickles.

#5 Pistachio Cream Tea Latte (¥750, ~S$)

Q-Pot Cafe Pistachio Cream Tea Latte
Photo from Q-Pot Cafe

End your meal with this delightful latte with a fruity flavour and floral fragrance. The combination of creamy pistachio and fruity tea makes it a comforting beverage in the winter season.

This limited edition Christmas menu will only be available until 25th December 2019! If you'll be in Tokyo during this period, lucky you!

📍3 Chome-4-8 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

⏰ 11am - 7:30pm daily


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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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