5 Best Restaurants To Dine Alone Without Feeling Awkward

5 Best Restaurants To Dine Alone Without Feeling Awkward

ByKarmen on 14 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Dining alone can induce feelings from awkwardness to sheer terror and anxiety. When the need for solo dining arises, most of us instinctively go for drive-throughs and eating in the car or dapao-ing and eating at home, in the office or some secluded corner. We're here to tell you that these are not your only options!

Whether you're alone and hungry or wanting to spend some time alone, there's a way that you can sit back, relax and enjoy a comfortable meal all by yourself at a restaurant. All you need is the right restaurant!

Keep reading to check our list of the 5 best restaurants where you can dine alone in comfort!

#1 Tsuta 

Tsuta store at tai seng
Photo from Tsuta

Tsuta operates like a ramen bar where everyone is seated at a counter facing the chef who serves you the ramen. This seating arrangement erases any awkwardness of dining alone!

Tsuta ramen served by the chef
Photo from Tsuta

One of the things that people dislike about eating out alone is seeing everyone else have someone to interact with. You won't have to worry about that when you're seated at the Tsuta counter. Even if you're surrounded by diners chatting amongst themselves, you are joining all the other diners in observing the chef which will make you feel less awkward and alone.

📍18 Tai Seng Street #01-01 Mapletree 18, Singapore 539775 and 1 other outlet

⏰ Mon to Wed: Lunch 11 - 3pm, Dinner 5 - 9pm; Thurs to Sun and Public Holidays: 11am - 9pm

🌐 tsuta.com

#2 Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi diners eating sushi
Photo from Genki Sushi

Before you get intimidated by the never-ending queue, bear in mind that solo diners will get a seat much faster than groups as most of their outlets have a counter area facing the sushi belts so you can slot yourself in without having to wait for a table.

Genki Sushi train with sushi
Photo from Genki Sushi

Since there's no empty chair opposite you and your food is delivered via adorable little bullet trains, you don't have to worry about interacting or even making eye contact with anyone which will ease any anxiety you may have about dining solo.

📍201 Victoria Street, #01-13 Bugis+, Singapore 188067 and 7 other outlets

⏰ 11:30am to 10pm daily

#3 Ma maison

Ma maison restaurant interior design
Photo from Ma maison

"Ma maison" is a French word which means "my home" which makes it a fitting name for this restaurant!

While there aren't any counter seats, the dim lighting, cosy interior and generous space between tables will make you feel like you have your own little private spot to relax and watch K-dramas on your phone! 😉

Ma maison omurice egg salad and pasta
Photo from Ma maison

Enjoy European-Japanese cuisine in this restaurant with quaint French decor, floral prints and plenty of knick knacks that create a very homey and comforting atmosphere.


📍200 Victoria Street, #02-51 Bugis Junction Singapore and 2 other outlets

⏰ Mon to Fri: Lunch 11:30am - 3pm, Tea Time 3 - 5pm, Dinner 5 - 11pm;  Sat - Sun and Public Holidays: Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm, Dinner 2:30 - 11pm

#4 Whisk & Paddle

Whisk & Paddle seats facing the resirvour
Photo from Whisk & Paddle

Whisk & Paddle serves all-day breakfast and hearty meals with a stunning view of Punggol Serangoon Reservoir.

Whisk & Paddle pizza
Photo from Whisk & Paddle

Any solo diner would be too preoccupied with the view and the tranquil ambience at this secluded café to feel awkward being alone.

📍10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836

⏰ Mon to Fri: 3:30 – 10:30pm; Sat - Sunday and Public Holidays: 9:30am – 10:30pm

#5 Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends
Photo from Burnt Ends

Dining alone is not just about a quick bite and leaving to get it over and done with. You can also treat yourself to a gourmet solo meal without feeling out of your comfort zone.

Burnt Ends barbecue ribs
Photo from Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends diners eating
Photo from Burnt Ends

At Burnt Ends, you and all the other diners will be seated in a row facing the open kitchen. Even though the menu is on the posh side, the environment doesn't feel alienating like other fine dining restaurants. The interior decor is casual and laid-back complete with cosy mood lighting which will make even the most self-conscious solo diner be at ease. 

This Australian fine-dining establishment that serves gourmet barbecue cuisine has earned the 10th spot in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 list so you can expect good food to go with your pleasant solo dining experience! The restaurant only accepts reservations 3 months in advance so plan ahead or simply walk in!

📍20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391

⏰ 5:30 - 10:30 pm daily

Now that you have an arsenal of solo-dining spots, all you need is a little confidence to push yourself to try it!

Asian girl at a cafe with a pink smoothie and pizza
Photo from Pinterest

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