5 Places To Vent Your Frustrations In Singapore

5 Places To Vent Your Frustrations In Singapore

ByKarmen on 12 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Working overtime again? Your boss shouted at you? Feeling overwhelmed by society's expectation of you? Singaporeans are a stressed bunch, so much that there are activities being created for people to vent their frustrations!

We've found 5 places where you can let loose and de-stress, keep reading to check them out!

#1 The Fragment Room

someone smashing bottles at The Fragment Room
Photo from The Fragment Room

Ever felt so frustrated that you had the urge to go full hulk mode and destroy everything in sight? Next time it happens again, pause and direct your passion towards The Fragment Room!

The Fragment Room is a rage room where you can release your rageĀ by smashing plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliances and more. Prices start from $38 for 30 minutes of smashing and you can book online or walk in.

ā° Mon ā€“Ā Sun: 12Ā - 10pm

#2 The Axe Factor

a guy throwing axes at The Axe Factor
Photo from The Axe Factor

Feeling angry with someone or something? Visualise the subject ofĀ your frustrations as the target board and hurl axes onto it!

Sessions are priced at $30 an hour and you can book online or walk in!

ā°Ā MonĀ to Thur:Ā 12 - 10 pm;Ā Fri:Ā 12 pmĀ - 1 am;Ā Sat:Ā 10 amĀ to 1 am;Ā Sun:Ā 10 am to 10 pm

šŸŒĀ axefactor.com.sg

#3 Splat Paint House

someone splattering paint at Splat Paint House
Photo from Splat Paint House

Splat Paint HouseĀ is aĀ space where the sad, stressedĀ and stifledĀ come to create a bigĀ mess. If that sounds like something up your alley, grab a canvas, some paint, and unleash your frustration with art in any way you desire. Throw, splatter and kick the paint around to your hearts content! Perhaps, you might even discover your creativity andĀ end up with a masterpiece.


Prices start from $34 for an hour of messy fun. You can book a timeslot or walk in!

ā°Ā Mon to Fri: 3Ā - 9pm; Sat - Sun &Ā Public Holidays: 11am - 10pm

#4 Singapore Gun Club

someone firing a gun at Singapore Gun Club
Photo from Singapore Gun Club

Shooting sports can be a great way to relieve stress and anger.Ā Singapore Gun Club offers shooting activitiesĀ forĀ their members including Clay target shooting where you try to break clay targets flung into the air.

You can also try Sporting clays where you'll try to shoot pigeons.Ā But don't worry, the pigeons are made of of clay! Sporting clays is designed to create an experience that closely reflects actual hunting conditions. You can imagine that the clay pigeons areĀ the frustrations in your life or person causing you grief and shoot away.Ā Become a hunter taking down the negativity in your life and release your pent up aggression!

The downside of this option is that it's quite pricey. The 1st visitĀ costs $140 (excluding class license fee of $220) andĀ is inclusive of 3 months membership fee, 25rds of clay target and ammunition, rental of club owned shotgun and instructor fee. If you wish to continue with the sport after 3 months,Ā you can sign up for annual membershipĀ for $1,000 a year. Contact them at 646 61575 orĀ [email protected]!

#5 AMPED Trampoline Park

person jumping on a trampoline at AMPED Trampoline Park
Photo from AMPED Trampoline Park

TrampoliningĀ can helpĀ relieve your anxiety andĀ stressĀ by increasing the amount of endorphins released byĀ your brain! When you're feeling down, book a rejuvenating bouncingĀ session atĀ AMPED Trampoline ParkĀ toĀ reenergise, relax and boost your mood.

Make sure toĀ bookĀ your session in advance as walk-ins are not available. If it's your first time visiting, make sure to have a read of the things you should take note ofĀ before you make your booking! This is the most budget-friendly stress-relief option on this list with prices starting from $15/hour for the 'all ages' category.

ā°Ā Mon: 10am - 7pm; Tues to Friy: 10am - 9pm; Sat & Sun: 9am - 9pm

šŸŒĀ ampedsingapore.com

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