10 Best Tracks To Distract You From The Pain While You Work Out

10 Best Tracks To Distract You From The Pain While You Work Out

ByKarmen on 08 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Some people genuinely love working out, and others genuinely can't relate.

If you're the latter but still want to exercise for the sake of health or weight-loss, the right music can be a powerful tool that will distract you from how tired, bored and miserable you are.

We have curated the 10 best tracks that will help make your workouts feel less strenuous, keep reading to find out more!

#1 Work B**ch by Britney Spears

Listening to this catchy EDM banger might just make you forget you're working out and imagine you're at the club and on the dance floor instead.

Also, what could be more motivating than Britney Spears saying "You want a hot body? ... Look hot in a bikini? You better work b**ch"? 💁‍♀️

#2 Lose Yourself By Eminem

We're willing to bet that you know every single word on this track. While you're working out, put on this song and you may find yourself rapping along in your head (or out loud), forgetting your pain and misery!

#3 Humble by Kendrick Lamar

The beat's bass and harsh stabs of piano chords coupled with Lamar's almost lecturing-like tone makes for an ideal distracting song that makes you focus on it instead of how tired you are.

#4 Good Boy by GD and Taeyang

We didn't forget K-pop in our list! 😉 You'll probably be anticipating the drop and subsequently jamming to it instead of thinking about when your workout will end.

#5 Boombayah by Blackpink


Although almost any Blackpink song would fit right in on the list, this track takes the cake for its booming beats and irresistibly catchy tune that will keep you focused on singing along and make you feel like your workout isn't as tiring.

#6 We Are Young by Fun

Hearing the booming drums and grand, soaring chorus will probably make you stop thinking about any muscle soreness and get caught up in the catchy song.

#7 One Way or Another by Blondie

Most runners cover approximately 160 steps per minute, so this bop at 161 beats per minute is ideal for getting you to run at a consistent pace and distracting you during a high-intensity workout session.

#8 Power by Kanye West

If you're doing a low-intensity workout like light jogging or weight training, a slower tempo like the one in this track will be a better fit. Even with a less intense beat, the melodramatic chant, hard hitting drums and West's dark, aggressive rapping will still make you feel a sense of urgency and forget your weariness.

#9 Chandelier by Sia

An old one but a classic! When listening to this song, you can picture Maddie Ziegler's dancing instead of your own workout. Plus, Sia's belts in the chorus is definitely a motivational boost!

#10 Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

When it's time to slow down and take it a little slower, you could use this groovy song to celebrate the end of your workout!

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