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8 Types Of Girls In An All Girls' Group Chat

8 Types Of Girls In An All Girls' Group Chat

By Amanda on 05 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

If you have a group of close girlfriends, you can probably relate to this article well! In every all girls' group chat, there is a role for every member and you will surely find one that closely resembles you.


Curious to know which role you play? Scroll on to find out more!

#1 The Mum

mum friendPhoto from Pinterest

There will always be The Mum™️ in every group of girlfriends. They are always the first to wish someone on their birthday and makes sure everyone meet to catch up once in awhile.. They are all in all very warm-hearted people who can be a little naggy at times.

#2 Love Guru

nayeon twicePhoto from Pinterest

The (usually single) love guru of the group is always there to provide relationship advice despite not having much experience themselves.


#3 Gossip Queen/Auntie

joy red velvetPhoto from Pinterest

Be it the latest gossip, best sales in town, or any other important information, the gossip queen (and usually interchangeably auntie) will be first to update the group about it!

#4 The Lurker

girl in hoodiePhoto from Pinterest

They will read everything that's on the chat but never reply unless someone specifically asks them a question.

#5 Emoji Lover

Yuju gfriend emojiPhoto from Pinterest


They reply everything with an emoji and why not? An emoji paints a thousand words ???

#6 The Slowpoke

girl in blanketPhoto from Pinterest

Such people are usually slow repliers who miss out on the timings when the group is active and then go "OMG? What's happening?" when everyone else has moved on with life.

#7 The Humsuplo

lisa blackpinkPhoto from Pinterest

They are the ones cracking suggestive jokes and adding some crude sexual humour to very innocent sentences. However, these girls are usually those who are awfully shy in real life with people they don't know.

#8 Reaction Machine

shocked facePhoto from Pinterest

Coming hand-in-hand with #3's messages, the Reaction Machine reacts to every single message in the group chat with multiple messages and a few stickers or gifs. Although they may spam too much at times, they are definitely the life of the group!

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Text by: GirlStyle SG