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Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

By Viroon on 01 Nov 2019
Senior Creative Editor

Eyelash extensions are an awesome way to get the effortless beauty that everyone is searching for. While they can be pricey, eyelash extensions can save you lots of money on mascara, fake eyelashes and also the time to getting ready in the morning!


To help you make the most of your money, here are a few tips to keep your lash extensions looking fresh and intact for a longer time!

#1 Use Oil-Free Makeup Remover / Products

Oil free makeup removerPhoto from Pinterest

To keep your lashes looking full and fluttery, avoid oil-based makeup products at ALL costs. The oil will break down the glue that binds the lashes together, making lashes fall out much quicker. This includes oil cleansers, oil-based makeup remover, and facial oils. Try to use a mild, low-alkaline soap and an oil-free makeup remover to keep your lashes intact for a longer time.

#2 Avoid Eyeliner / Mascara

MascaraPhoto from Pinterest

If you love eyeliner as much as we do, this will be a little harder for you. Whenever you can, try to avoid eyeliner as it’s very hard to remove it without rubbing the lashes, which will subsequently cause the lashes to fall out. Though you don’t have to wear mascara once you have extensions, sometimes you might want to add some extra drama to your look. In that case, avoid waterproof formulas at all cost as they’re much harder to remove and all that tugging is bad news for the life span of your lash extensions.
#3 Sleep On Your Back


lady sleep on her backPhoto from Pinterest

Sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out more quickly. We know for some people this may be more difficult than others, but you should try and sleep on your back for ultimate eyelash extension maintenance. To help, try using a travel pillow to prevent you from turning onto your front during the middle of the night.

#4 Avoid Wetting Your Lashes Immediately

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If there is one thing most lash artists will tell you, it is to not get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours (to allow time for the glue to set so that you can keep your lashes for longer), although this does depend on the glue used, so always check with your lash artist first.

#5 Don’t Touch!

Are my eyelashes still on?Photo from giphy

Do not rub, pick or touch them inappropriately. Just leave them alone! As hard as it is to resist, it is important to avoid touching your eyelash extensions. Even if they look out of place, it may be because your real eyelashes are shedding as they do naturally. Let your lashes come out naturally and move your extensions with a spoolie wand if necessary. 

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