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KFC's Mac 'N Cheese Is Back! Will You Eat It Again?

KFC's Mac 'N Cheese Is Back! Will You Eat It Again?

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By elaine.kiew on 19 Jun 2018

Fretting over what to have for lunch today? Hmm.. how about some Mac 'N Cheese?


After a five months 'hiatus', KFC's legendary Mac 'N Cheese is finally back from its hiatus! This time, it's here with popcorn chicken and nacho cheese. Yumz?


Mac 'N Cheese isn't the cheapest out there and it can easily go up to over 10 dollars a bowl at any cafes. Of course there are the cheaper ones at 7-Eleven but.... it's just not quite the same you know.

Now that this Mac 'N Cheese is back, it seems like we can now fill our stomachs with these yummy goodness!

At just $5, we can enjoy a complete meal that includes:

  • bucket of Mac 'N Cheese (macaroni, popcorn chicken and nacho cheese)
  • 2 pcs of Hot & Crispy Tenders
  • 1 reg Pepsi

How does that sound?


Well, all's good if you ask us but we're just hoping that the serving is just like what it seems as advertised :/




We'll give you our verdict soon. Meanwhile, here's what netizens have to say about the Mac 'N Cheese comeback.


Facebook user Kelvin Yap shared:

@KFC, this is a great disappointment for a mac n cheese lover. It cost $5 for the meal yet the "bucket"s portion is so pathetic and not considering the fact that the cheese is so diluted in real life as compared to what its like as advertised


Another Facebook user Dawa Law also commented in the same thread:

If only it is as cheesy as illustration.

Well... it does seem like KFC can't please everyone. We are not sure how the Mac 'N Cheese's comeback tastes and look like YET but we'll do so and give you our verdict soon. (Follow us on insta!)

Hmmm... these people seems to like it though. #justsaying


If you've tried it, do share your version of KFC's Mac 'N Cheese and let us know if it's a yay or nay! :)

Cheeeeersss! x

Text by: Girlsdaily SG