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innisfree China's Girl Crush Collection Lets You Channel Girl Power Effortlessly

innisfree China's Girl Crush Collection Lets You Channel Girl Power Effortlessly

By Wei Yin on 22 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

innisfree Korea's Fig Edition collection for autumn was recently released and now innisfree China's newest Girl Crush collection is also making us want to fly to China ASAP to grab them!


Read on to find out more!

innisfree China's girl crush collection overviewPhoto from innisfree

#1 Eyeshadow palette

Girl Crush two eyeshadow palettesPhoto from innisfree

The Girl Crush collection boasts two new eyeshadow palettes for you to create the perfect eye makeup looks to channel girl power!

The pink palette lets you create more feminine looks with its glittery pinks and matte reds and browns.

girl crush pink palettePhoto from innisfree


Check out the eye makeup looks that can be created with this palette:

Vigor girl crush lookPhoto from innisfree

Unbound girl crush lookPhoto from innisfree

The black palette features darker colours but also some light glittery shades to balance everything out. It is a great palette for any night out look!

Girl crush black palettePhoto from innisfree

Check out the eye makeup looks that can be created with this palette:

Cool girl crush lookPhoto from innisfree

Cozy girl crush lookPhoto from innisfree


Price: 240 Yuan (~46 SGD)

#2 Blusher

Girl crush collection blusherPhoto from innisfree

These blushers are infused with glitter particles so that you can look like you are naturally blushing and glowing! Choose from six different shades for the different makeup looks you create daily.

If you need some inspiration, check out these makeup looks paired with some of the blushers:

Sweet blushing lookPhoto from innisfree

Girl crush blushing lookPhoto from innisfree

Price: 55 Yuan (~11 SGD)


#3 Lipstick and lipgloss duo 

Lipstick and lipgloss duoPhoto from innisfree

This lipstick and lipgloss duo takes simplicity to another level as you will not have to bring a separate lipgloss out with you.

Choose from two different shades that can bring you from day to night. The lipgloss has glittery particles but is not too overpowering, making it the perfect topper for your lipstick.

Lipstick and lipgloss swatchesPhoto from innisfree

Price: 135 Yuan (~26 SGD)

#4 Dual brush liner

Girl crush dual brush eyelinerPhoto from innisfree


This dual brush eyeliner is extremely pigmented and lets you create a flawless cat eye wing!

Each eyeliner comes with two different colours for you to pair it with the right eye makeup.

Black and green eyelinerPhoto from innisfree

Black and brown eyelinerPhoto from innisfree

Price: 140 Yuan (~27 SGD)

#5 Dual makeup brush

Dual makeup brushPhoto from innisfree

This dual makeup brush has a flat and round shape, making it a great tool for you to perfect your eye makeup look.


Use the flatter side to blend the eyeshadow out and the rounded side for a more defined edge.

Price: 75 Yuan (~14 SGD)

#6 Stick on nails

Stick on nails product shotPhoto from innisfree

If you are one of those girls who want pretty nails but dislike the hassle of having to go to a nail salon to get them done, get these and do it yourself!

These are stick on nails that can be easily applied and removed. There are two designs perfect for autumn for you to choose from.

Stick on nails when applied to the nailsPhoto from innisfree

Price: 68 Yuan (~13 SGD)

As mentioned, this Girl Crush collection is currently only available in China so if you or your friend will be heading there soon, see here for the list of innisfree store locations.

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