7 Types Of Bags Every Girl Must Own

7 Types Of Bags Every Girl Must Own

ByWei Yin on 21 Oct 2019 Digital Editor

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated whenever you are getting ready to head out but cannot seem to find a suitable bag to go with your outfit? We feel you!

So, we have curated this list to help all the girls out there who struggle with the same problem as us.

Read on to check out the seven types of bags every girl must own that will go well with different outfits and occasions! ?

#1 Mini backpack 

Kate Spade mini backpack
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Adidas mini backpack
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A mini backpack is extremely versatile! Unlike a normal backpack, a mini backpack looks more fashionable and less bulky.

It also allows you to keep all your essentials in it and goes well with both a sporty or girly look.

#2 Tote bag

Tote bag paired with a dress
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Tote bag paired with a casual pants look
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A tote bag is a must-have in every girl's bag collection!

When you are in a rush, you can just throw everything you need in the tote bag and you will be ready to go. It is especially helpful on days you just feel too lazy to properly pack your bag.

Other than being a fuss-free bag to carry around, the designs on tote bags are usually very beautiful and quirky. So, that is a plus point too!

#3 Boxy shoulder bag

Boxy shoulder bag in brown
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Boxy Gucci shoulder bag
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Though you will not be able to fit a lot of things in a boxy shoulder bag, you still need to have one of these for days when you just want to look like a fashionista!

The unique shape of the bag adds a touch of classiness to your outfit and because many ladies seldom carry a bag like this around anymore, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

#4 Crossbody bag

Black crossbody bag
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White crossbody bag
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One of the most classic types of bag every lady should own is definitely a crossbody bag.

Crossbody bags come in different shapes and sizes so you will surely find something that you like. Simply sling it over your shoulder and you are ready to head out!

#5 Clutch

Fan shaped clutch bag
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Rattan clutch bag
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A clutch can be used in casual and formal settings, plus they look absolutely elegant and gorgeous too!

Go for these rattan clutch bags if you are looking for something different. Otherwise, there are many clutch bags in different materials and designs out in the market for you to take your pick.

#6 Waist bag

Supreme fanny pack
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Gucci waist bag
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For all the ladies who like to dress up as a hypebae on some days!

If you are going for a more sporty look, get a waist bag from streetwear brands like Supreme, for example. For a more classy look, opt for a leather waist bag.

#7 Wristlet

Wristlet outer view
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Wristlet inner view
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A wristlet is also one of the must-haves for every lady! You get to put all your most important cards and cash in it so that you can bring it out for lunch with you instead of carrying your entire bag.

It can also fit tissues and a lipstick - all the essentials for a lunch out!

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