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Ethereal & Dreamy Halloween Makeup Looks

Ethereal & Dreamy Halloween Makeup Looks

Makeup Tips
By Wei Yin on 10 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Halloween is just round the corner. Are you excited for all the parties and events? ?


Dressing up as anything or whoever you want is probably the most exciting and fun part about halloween! But instead of dressing up as the usual characters like a vampire, Harley Quinn or anything that looks scary, why not try out these ethereal and dreamy makeup looks instead?

Read on to find out more!

#1 Goddess makeup look

Dreamy halloween eye makeupPhoto from 雪糕和仔仔 via 小红书

Who knew purple eyeliner could look this good? ? You will definitely wow everyone with this glittery gold and purple eye make up look that goes so well together!

To make it more appropriate for halloween, stick gems in whichever shapes you prefer on your face, or simply take inspiration from the image above and look like a goddess!

#2 Cute bunny makeup look


Halloween bunny makeup lookPhoto from 奇猪少女Diana via 小红书

Close up of halloween bunny makeup lookPhoto from 奇猪少女Diana via 小红书

How cute is this bunny look?!

Put glitter on your cheeks, nose bridge, eyelids and brows to give yourself a dreamy look. Make sure you use a white eyeliner to draw on whiskers around your mouth to make it more realistic.

Stick on two pearls under your eyes for a doe-eyed look too! ?

#3 Simple halloween makeup look

White halloween makeup lookPhoto from _okma via 小红书

This is a fairly easy makeup look for those who simply suck at putting on makeup.


Just apply a reddish bronze eyeshadow on your eyelids then dust white eyeshadow on your lashes and eyebrows. Use a white eyeliner to draw on two teardrops under your eyes.

End off the look with a rosy red lipstick and you are done! Put on different coloured contact lenses if you want to go the extra mile to perfect this makeup look.

#4 Mermaid makeup look

Halloween mermaid eye makeup lookPhoto from 小川司令 via 小红书

Close up on mermaid eye makeup lookPhoto from 小川司令 via 小红书

Mermaids are ethereal, mythical creatures, making them the perfect character to dress up as for halloween!

Put on a sparkly dress and use a pink glittery eyeshadow on your eyelids. Draw on the mermaid tail at the ends of your eyes and put on contact lenses that gives you an enlarged eye look for the finishing touch.

#5 Elf makeup look


Elf halloween makeup look Photo from 艺珂不是一颗 via 小红书

Close up of elf halloween makeup lookPhoto from 艺珂不是一颗 via 小红书

Step by step guide for elf eye makeup lookPhoto from 艺珂不是一颗 via 小红书

Dress up as an elf, another mythical creature, if you have more time and want to go all out for your halloween look!

Refer to the image above for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the eye makeup and remember to dot freckles on your face using a white eyeliner.

Purchase pointy ears and a blonde wig to put on and you will be channeling elf vibes instantly!

#6 Stitched doll makeup look

Close up of cracked halloween makeup lookPhoto from Xyyyy via 小红书

Cracked halloween eye makeup lookPhoto from Xyyyy via 小红书

Drawing stitches on the face is a popular halloween makeup choice but instead of the gory-looking ones, this makeup look is more aesthetically pleasing!

Apply thicker makeup on the side of your face with the stitches and lighter makeup on the other side. Put on glitter to glow! ✨

Which of these halloween makeup looks is your favourite? Share this post with a girlfriend! 

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