4 Planners For 2020 To Help You Get Your Life Together

4 Planners For 2020 To Help You Get Your Life Together

By Wei Yin on 27 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

In the blink of an eye, we are already nearing the end of 2019 with only three more months to go! Did you manage to achieve or keep to your 2019 resolutions? If you did not, fret not as it is never too late to work on them in 2020.

As life is hectic and full of unexpected obstacles, why not try getting a planner to help you get your life together? Writing things down and decorating your own planner is a really nice way to unwind and keep your schedule and goals in mind.

Read on to find out the best 2020 planners to get!

#1 Actspressions, $23.90

Actspressions 2020 plannerPhoto from Naiise

June monthly overview Photo from Naiise

January quotePhoto from Naiise

August weekly overviewPhoto from Naiise

This weekly planner is a casebound hard-card cover with matte lamination that features painted skies in expressive, passionate brushstrokes and vibrant hues, with thoughtfully curated quotes to bring some meaning and joy to life.

This will definitely be a pick-me-up for you when life gets tough! It also includes a monthly view, tailored specially for Singapore with public holidays highlighted in red - time to plan when to take leave in 2020? ?

Pre-order yours here: Naiise

#2 kāi, $49.90

kāi 2020 plannerPhoto from kāi

Thoughful monthly openersPhoto from kāi

Monthly notesPhoto from kāi

Monthly overviewPhoto from kāi

Weekly overviewPhoto from kāi

Stickers to decorate the plannerPhoto from kāi

A handy inner pocket Photo from kāi

A planner in a beautiful shade of pastel blue?! Sign us up! ?

Designed to lift your mood with every page, let this planner accompany you through 2020 to be the most productive and fun year it can be.

Our favourite part of this planner is of course, all the adorable stickers for you to use and decorate! kāi is having a pre-order exclusive promotion where you will get a 'Life's Good' Sticker Pack (worth $18.90), which includes over 600 stickers for your everyday organisational needs.

Life's Good sticker packPhoto from kāi


The grid pages are perfect for those who can draw as you will be able to decorate your planner with your doodles to your heart's content!

Pre-order yours here: kāi

#3 The Happiness Planner, $83

The Happiness Planner 2020Photo from The Happiness Planner

Goals for 2020Photo from The Happiness Planner

Checklist for 2020Photo from The Happiness Planner

Monthly overview for better trackingPhoto from The Happiness Planner

Journaling promptsPhoto from The Happiness Planner

The design of this planner is extremely sophisticated-looking, making it the perfect one for the working ladies.

It is designed to help you not only achieve your goals, but also become happy, whole and fulfilled.

With much more in depth pages such as Daily Morning Intention Setting, Daily Exercise and Meal Plans, Daily Gratitude and more, this is the planner for those who lead a super busy life and will need its help to keep their lives on track.

There are three different colours to choose from, by the way!

Pre-order yours here: The Happiness Planner

#4 kikki.K, $104

kikki.K 2020 plannerPhoto from kikki.K

kikki.K inner look for 2020 plannerPhoto from kikki.K

Monthly overview for kikki.K plannerPhoto from kikki.K

In a pretty coral colour, this leather planner features chic gold hardware, diary pages with yearly, monthly and weekly views, space for organising your to do lists and more, as well as beautiful graphics to inspire your everyday! ?

If you want to make this truly yours, you can even monogram your initials on it for an additional $12.90.

The price might be a bit steep but kikki.K is known for its planners and diaries for a reason so you will definitely be getting your money's worth.

Get yours here: kikki.K

Which of these planners will you be getting? Share this post with a friend who needs a planner for 2020!

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