10 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

10 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

ByKarmen on 17 Sep 2019 Digital Editor

If you've been scrolling though pictures of luxurious million-dollar homes on Instagram, you've probably fantasied about living in them! You'll be happy to know that there are affordable ways to bring the atas factor into your home.

Read on to find out 10 affordable ways to make your home more luxurious!

#1 Get floor-length curtains


Avoid half-length curtains and go for full length curtains instead! The long drapes instantly add a luxurious touch to a room. For an even grander look, hang the rod as high up as possible to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can find affordable ones at Ikea.

#2 Get large art pieces


Large-scale art pieces automatically create a grand statement, regardless of whether the art itself is expensive or not! You can find affordable art and décor online at Etsy and Aliexpress. Hang a massive canvas that takes up an entire wall or an oversized mirror with thick frames that leans against the wall.

#3 Update old fixtures


A cheaper alternative to upgrading your furniture is to just change the fixtures! Door knobs, cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and light switch plates are small, inexpensive details that can give your home a high-end sheen.

#4 Get good quality towels


Cheap towels in bright, gaudy colours can instantly downgrade the look of a bathroom. Swap them out for high quality, thick towels in classic colours and watch your bathroom transform into a more luxurious one!

#5 Get matching sets

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Nothing looks more chic and classy than a set of matching containers on a dressing table, bathroom counter or kitchen counter. Instead of the bright coloured soap containers, purchase soap refills for minimalist soap dispensers. Transferring cotton pads from their original box into a container that has a matching style to elevate the look of the entire room. Check out this matching marble toiletries holder set (starting from $12.95 per piece).

Important note: this does not apply to furniture! Avoid purchasing matching furniture sets and choose them separately according to your style instead.

#6 Create layered lighting

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Lighting makes all the difference in a room. A single, glaring light source creates a harsh look. Instead, add a variety of light sources in each room for depth and cosiness. If you have lamps that aren't in the best condition, simply replace the shades! You can find a variety of stylish and affordable options at Ikea.

#7 Classic wall colours

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While colours can be fun, if the shade isn't right, it may cheapen the look of a home. To play it safe, stick to classic and timeless shades of white, off-white, beige or light grey that will make your home look bright and classy.

#8 Classic bedding colours


Like your walls, it's difficult to create a luxurious look with colours and prints on your bedding. Keep your bedding in either white or light neutral colours and your room will instantly get that classy hotel look.

If you love colour, add it to your home through accessories instead! That way, you can easily swop it out if trends change or you want something new.

#9 Declutter


Having too much stuff in your home makes it look chaotic and cheap. Think Muji and Scandinavian aesthetics. When it comes to looking luxe, less is definitely more!

Find a space for everything in your drawers or cabinets to it's easy for you to clear the clutter immediately. While decorating your home, leave a generous amount of white space on your walls and surfaces for an elevated look.

#10 Get a large rug

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Add warmth, texture and an atas touch to your home with a cosy rug in the living room. The bigger the rug, the more luxurious it will look. If your home has an open-concept layout, a rug will also help define the living room.

With these 10 quick tips, you won't have to spend a lot of money to make it look like you did.

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