Tips On How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Look

Tips On How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Look

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ByWei Yin on 13 Sep 2019 Digital Editor

The dewy glass skin look is all the rage now but it is not easy to achieve naturally glowing skin due to the different skin problems we face.

That doesn't mean it's impossible, though. You can employ the help of makeup products as well as these tips to achieve radiant and glowing skin while looking like you did not put on any makeup.

If you want to trick people into thinking you did not apply any makeup and still manage to look good, read on to find out more! ?

#1 Moisturise your face

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Having dehydrated, dry skin will never allow you to achieve dewy-looking skin!

Always moisturise your face before applying makeup so that your skin is hydrated and the makeup can stick to your skin without looking cakey.

Cakey makeup looks thick and is very obvious, straight up showing everyone you have makeup on. So, if you want to trick people into thinking you don't have any makeup on, moisturise your face as the first step!

We recommend using this fuss-free and affordable serum for hydration: The Inkey List Q10 Serum.

#2 Conceal where necessary


Instead of applying foundation on your entire face, use concealer on areas where you need to hide some flaws!

Foundation will oxidise and then appear cakey after long hours but concealer is lighter and more natural-looking.

#3 Powder the right areas


Apply powder only on your t-zone where there is more sebum production. Make sure you don't over powder your entire face because that will take away all the natural glow on your skin!

Concealer plus powder is also a good combination to achieve that 'no-makeup' makeup look.


Use a translucent powder for the ultimate natural look. We recommend the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder.

#4 Tame your brows 


If you are blessed with naturally thick brows, how lucky!

For that no-makeup look, brush your brows with a tinted eyebrow mascara to give it some colour and shape.

We recommend using the 3CE Eyebrow Mascara.

#5 Highlight away


The most important part of the 'no-makeup' makeup look is achieving dewy and glowing skin!

The key is to fake it till you make it! Layer a creamy highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow and you will glow like a goddess ✨

Get the cult favourite Glossier Haloscope to highlight.

#6 Pouty, glossy lips


Apply a pinkish lipstick on the inner portions of your lips and blend outwards. Then, apply a clear lip gloss to top it off and achieve a moisturised, radiant look!

We recommend using the Glossier Lip Gloss.

Try out these tips that will surely help you achieve dewy, glass skin! We promise no one will really notice you actually have makeup on ?

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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