This Comb From Daiso Korea Is Flying Off The Shelves!

This Comb From Daiso Korea Is Flying Off The Shelves!

By Wei Yin on 14 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

Products from Daiso are cheap and good so it's no surprise to us when we heard that this particular comb from Daiso Korea is being snatched up by customers every time it comes back in stock.

If you're wondering what's so special about this comb, read on to find out more!

DaisoPhoto from Daiso

Dubbed the "Miracle Comb", this simple brush for your hair will help you achieve natural-looking curls that look like you got them done at a salon!

With its round shaped brush and clip to hold your hair in place while you blow dry your hair, it mimics what a curling iron would do. This comb is perfect for beginners as you won't have to worry about scalding yourself unlike the curling iron.

AirfrovPhoto from Airfrov

It comes in two different sizes:
M - 38mm
L - 48mm

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Use the M sized comb to achieve more defined looking curls.


PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

For more relaxed looking and big wavy curls, go for the L sized comb.

For all the ladies with short hair out there, this comb works for you too! Start from the root of your hair to create volume. Curl your hair inwards while blow drying the ends of your hair to have curls that will frame your face.

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Although this product is only available in Korea, you can request for a kind traveller on Airfrov to bring it back to Singapore for you.

Get it here: Airfrov 

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