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Look Like A Goddess With This New Korean "Elizabeth Perm"

Look Like A Goddess With This New Korean "Elizabeth Perm"

By Amanda on 06 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

The Koreans seem to have mastered the art of hair perming somehow.


This new "Elizabeth Perm" from Korea is gaining traction for its elegant yet natural look that has turned every plain Jane into a stunning goddess. Standing by the belief that "natural hair is the best hair", many salons are offering their customers this perm which consists of a mix of S-curls and C-curls.

Read on to see how this perm look like!

The perm is named "Elizabeth perm" as the name "Elizabeth" is historically one that is used by royals and represents luxury and regality. This perm really does bring out your luxurious side by adding volume and having curls that accentuates your face.

@lee_eun_ch (via Instagram)

@lee_eun_ch (via Instagram)

The Elizabeth perm adds volume without looking heavy and is suitable for different hair types. It is also relatively easy to maintain as well. Look like a Korean actress effortlessly with these amazing curls!



If you are looking for a new hairstyle, why not try this perm? However, this perm will only work best on girls with long hair so leave out your tresses if you want to try this look!

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Photos: @lee_eun_ch (via Instagram)

Text: GirlStyle SG