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5 Creative Ideas To DIY Your Room With All The Polaroid Prints You Have At Home

5 Creative Ideas To DIY Your Room With All The Polaroid Prints You Have At Home

By elaine.kiew on 19 Jul 2019

Polaroid cameras are great for those who love capturing precious moments in their lives. Though we wouldn't know how the photo would look like until it is fully developed, it does a good job of making us live in the moment.



If you are one of those girls who have taken your fair share of polaroid photos but don't really know what to do with them this article is for you. Scroll along to find out how you can better optimise them and beautify your room with them!

#1 Line them up above your bed frame

Lining polaroids above the bed frame is a popular choice as seen on Tumblr and Pinterest and we love it!



#2 Make a collage on your wall


If you have a couple of plain walls to play around in your room and have enough polaroids or posters to fill them up, try making a collage wall!


You can only play around with the polaroids to recreate various shapes and styles. This heart-shaped polaroid collage is a good example.


#3 Beautify your study/work area

If you are always spending long hours in your study/work area, add some life to it with your favourite moments! Not only will those smiles and prints lift your spirits, but they could also possibly remind you of the moments worth working hard for.




#4 Put them up on a grid

Grids are useful tools for collage making. Besides being a popular choice to hang up our polaroids, they can also use used to hold notes, cute accessories and help create a focal point in your room.



#5 Pair them with your favourite flowers

Polaroids and flowers can never go wrong. If you have been wanting to add in some floral elements to your room, pair them with your favourite polaroids and create your dream room!



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Photos: Pinterest
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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