5 Dreamy Hairstyle Transformations We Absolutely Love

5 Dreamy Hairstyle Transformations We Absolutely Love

By Amanda on 31 Jul 2019
Digital Editor

Every girl wishes they can find a hairstyle can truly suit them as a good hairstyle frames the face and highlights your best features. It is amazing how a simple change in hairstyle can create new looks you'll never know you could have. Here are five dreamy hair transformations that we absolutely love and are in awe at!

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Although Felicia has a bubbly and outgoing personality, her previous long and limp tresses made her look tired and unapproachable. Chez Vous: HideAway's Associate Salon Director Oscar Lee changed her hairstyle completely by giving her a movement perm, bambi brown dye and a lob cut (long bob for those who don't know hair lingo), softening her features and making her look much more friendly and approachable!



Don't you think that she look so much more lovely now? The movement perm on Felicia is a new perm technique that gives your hair life through its movements rather than focusing on creating curls. We love how lively she looks with this new perm and cut! This is one hairstyle you may want to consider to look much more refreshed.



Long and naturally straight hair may be the go-to hairstyle for many girls but it's just conventional and boring. Although Joanne has beautiful features, she just looks like just any other girl on the street. Chez Vous: HideAway Associate Salon Director Oscar Lee worked his magic on her hair. Check out her transformation below!



These curls really gives Joanne a touch of sophistication that makes her stand out from the rest. Oscar gave her a movement perm and a haircut that is less texturised so that it is easy to maintain in our hot and humid weather. Dreamy curls that are low-maintenance? Sign me up please!



Dry and damaged from bleaching and constant dyeing, Ayesha's hair was in the worst condition it ever been. Chez Vous: HideAway Associate Director Eddy Lau worked his magic on her hair, turning these brassy, dry roots into something amazing! Check out her transformation below!



We are really in love with this Ash Blonde Balayage on Ayesha's hair! As her skin has a cool undertone, the ash highlight helped to bring out the radiance in her face. The graduated natural balayage effect is also really popular now, giving her a chic, contemporary look alongside the amazing curls.



Sweet-looking with beautiful features, Michelle's limp and lifeless hair before really did no justice in bringing out her features. Chez Vous: HideAway Associate Salon Director Shawn Chia decided to switch things up a little and created a whole new look for her.



By dyeing it a beautiful sakura pink, don't you think Michelle really does look like a K-pop idol now? The sakura pink dye is a special dye formulation with pink, rose and lavender shades to reduce yellow undertones and make one fairer. This shade really does brighten her complexion and brings out her facial features really well! We are pretty sure her new hairstyle will turn heads now!



The hairstylist really worked wonders with this one! Nadiah's original bleached and damaged hair had turned yellow, giving off a brassy tinge that makes her look older than she really is. Check out Chez Vous: HideAway's Associate Director Shawn Chia's makeover for her.



Look how amazing Nadiah's hair looks now! With a simple wob (wavy bob) haircut, parting change and nude brown dye, she looks like she just deducted some years off her age and definitely look more approachable! We love how her curls accentuates her features and makes her look much livelier than before.

Don't you think that these hair transformations are absolutely amazing? All of these hair transformations were done by talented hairstylists from Chez Vous: HideAway. Does the name sound familiar to you? You might know Chez Vous: HideAway as the super Instagrammable hair salon with 7 rooms of photo op spots.




Not only is Chez Vous: HideAway a great place to take photos in, their skills and service is stellar as well. The three dedicated stylists, Shawn, Oscar, and Eddy, each have at least 10 years of experience under their belts so you know your hair will definitely be in good hands. Just see the transformations above! ? They know exactly what is suitable for your hair and they do have the skills to transform your dream hair to reality.




As Chez Vous: HideAway values the time of their clients and put their client's experiences at the salon as highest priority, each stylist will only take five appointments of two hours each a day so they can have ample attention for each client. Talk about impeccable service!

Furthermore, all clients and their guests at Chez Vous: HideAway will have full-day complimentary Relaxation Lounge access with herbal teas and spa snacks on the menu. The Relaxation Lounge also provides massage chairs, Red Light Laser therapy for scalp rejuvenation and an O2 bar for a revitalising oxygen boost. Hair makeover or spa retreat? We are not really sure now.


To add on to the complimentary Relaxation Lounge, every hair service will start with a super relaxing Swedish scalp massage with an essential oil of your choice. You can also enjoy a plasma-powered scalp sterilisation and S-ion scalp detoxification for free as well. Want more freebies? Before every harsh chemical and colouring service, bond-strengthening hair shots and soothing scalp serum will be added for free as well. What's more to ask from a hair salon?


Skilful hairdressers? Checked.

Impeccable service? Checked.

Insta-worthy deco? Checked.

Affordable prices? Definitely checked as well.

Chez Vous: HideAway's prices are absolutely transparent and there are no hidden charges with this first-of-its-kind tiered pricing. Just choose a bundle that suits within your budget and they will work wonders with your hair.

  • $199 for Haircut + 1 Service
  • $299 for Haircut + 2 Services
  • $399 for Haircut + 3 Services
  • $499 for Haircut + 4 Services

The prices are fixed for all hair lengths so if you don't have to worry about topping up even if you have super long hair! Although some pricier services such as Keratin Treatment, Digital Perm, Rebonding, Growth Factor Scalp Therapy and Caucasian Highlights require an additional $99 top-up, you have to admit that with all the freebies and the top-notch service, you are doing your hair for a steal!


Pampering your hair is no longer just going through the motions at Chez Vous: HideAway. It is a whole package of fuss-free and stress-free experience that you cannot get at other salons. So why wait? Head down to Chez Vous: HideAway for your next hair makeover!

Address: 391B Orchard Road #14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874

Opening Hours (by Appointment only):

Mon - Fri: 11.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.

Sat: 10.30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Sun: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Telephone: 6219 3558

(Kindly include “HideAway” in the subject header and do note that all appointments are by reservations only.)

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This article is brought to you by Chez Vous: HideAway.

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