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Hello Kitty Is Working With Herschel Supply Again To Celebrate Her 45th Birthday!

Hello Kitty Is Working With Herschel Supply Again To Celebrate Her 45th Birthday!

By elaine.kiew on 08 Jul 2019

If you did not manage to lay hands on Herschel's first Hello Kitty-themed collection, make sure you mark your calendars for July 9 and get ready for their second collab! 


This time, Herchel has teamed up with the pop culture icon again for her 45th birthday and it includes more than just fanny packs and backpacks. Expect to see duffel bags and cross body bags filled with Hello Kitty motifs.


These bags are here for us in white satin with Hello Kitty prints filling the interior fabric liner and front face. There is also a glossy Hello Kitty patch attached to each bag that is exclusive to this anniversary line. Scroll along to check out the full collection!

# Nova Mini

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# Nova Duffle

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# Cruz Crossbody

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# Fifteen Hip

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# Trade Luggage Power

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The Hello Kitty x Herschel Supply collection will be up for grabs from July 9 at Sanrio's boutique stores, web store as well as Herschel Supply's online store.

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Photos: Herschel
Text by: GirlStyle SG