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These 5 Signs Will Help You Figure Out, "Am I Really Into Him?"

These 5 Signs Will Help You Figure Out, "Am I Really Into Him?"

By christinelai on 28 Jun 2019

Am I crushing on him? How much do I like him? Is it love or is it infatuation? Can I trust my friends' advice? I'm confused, Help!! I'm overthinking, how can I stop myself from liking him so much?


These five signs will give you more clarity before you decide on your next love move!


#1 You Talk About Him All The Time

You friends issued you countless last warnings to stop talking about him but you simply cannot help yourself. You think about what he likes, what he says and you spent 80% of your waking moments thinking about him.

#2 You Wait For His Text And Check Your Phone Every Other Minute

If he doesn't reply in the usual time frame, you get worried. Especially if you suspect that he's also into you, you get angry, "why am I even mad that he takes 20 minutes to reply?"

Sometimes your mind goes crazy, 'Is he with another girl?', 'What is he busy with?'



Just chill out girl. Remember to think and show some love to your friends and family too!

#3 You Hate Trying New Things But For Him, You Will.

For girls who don't like changes, a word from him might give you the push that you need. His voice contains so much motivation and affirmation that you end up saying yes to things you normally will say no to.

You find yourself thinking, it isn't so bad after all. You like the new you who is willing to take risks and try something different.


#4 Any Small Gifts From Him Makes You Smile

The packet drink that he got for you is still in your closet. Or the packet tissue. It does not matter, You wish you could frame every little thing he gave you and never ever forget how this simple happiness feels like.


After all, this could be the beginning of how forever feels like.



#5 Uncontrollable Giggle

You laugh at everything he says. You find yourself giggling whenever he's around. Even when it's not funny. The truth it this, you're laughing because you feel happy and not because of any funny trigger.

It is absolutely normal but girl, try to maintain.


Girl, if this is how you feel towards a certain somebody, you're likely near the point of obsession. You are surely crushing on somebody.

Talk to your BFF and someone you trust, it might be time to take the friendship to the next level. Regardless of how it turns out, love deserves a fighting chance! Do it slowly and be absolutely honest to yourself.

Good luck!

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