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5 Unique Ideas To Spice Up Girls' All-Time Favourite Floral Nails!

5 Unique Ideas To Spice Up Girls' All-Time Favourite Floral Nails!

By christinelai on 24 Jun 2019

If you're a fan of floral nails, this is for you! There are endless possibilities you can explore with flowers, be it real or artificial ones.


Summer is the best time to include some real dried flowers on your nails and take coffee and cafe pictures for the gram!


Here are five ideas you can consider when you get your nails done next!

# 1 Hand-Drawn Flowers
Be intentional when you choose the colours. This is a simple and good example of floral nail designs in cool colour!


A combination of pink, yellow, white and different shades of blue will make you look vibrant and young.



#2 Dried Flowers
Dried flowers will create a dreamy tone to your manicure for an overall feminine and dainty vibes

e9701752e5857efb23d608c7fe235582 f4426913d42df61355cb001e90e18649#3 Nail Decors
Nail decors and stickers are conveniently available at most local Daiso and Sasa stores. Sparkles and glitters will level up your manicure!


#4 Embroidery Floral Nails
Embroidery floral nails are mostly hand-drawn, and it can be quite expensive. To make it even better, you can include a feature nail with pearls or gems.


#5 Acrylic 3D Flower Petal
The 3D acrylic flower is an all-time favourite nail design. 

We hope these five unique designs will give you some floral nail inspiration!

Photo Source: Pinterest
Text By: GirlStyle SG


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