Forget About Highlighters, Achieve「Korean Glass Skin」That Glows From Within In Just 90 Minutes!

Forget About Highlighters, Achieve「Korean Glass Skin」That Glows From Within In Just 90 Minutes!

By christinelai on 26 Jun 2019

Glass Skin is the newest beauty term trending in Korea! It's the #skingoal of many girls in Korea. It is not uncommon for Korean girls to follow a seven-step or even ten-step beauty regime religiously to attain the flawless-looking Glass Skin. 

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In fact, girls from the western world rave over a similar-looking 'dewy look' as popular makeup artists and Youtubers from the opposite end of the globe swear by how cute this glow makes you look.

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Glass Skin refers to the glowy luminosity when your skin is well-hydrated, especially on your cheeks! This is potentially life-changing; imagine a life where you wake up with smooth supple skin that glows naturally! Forget highlighters – you won’t even need to use a foundation before you leave the house!

Having Glass Skin also means that you can look glamorous and radiant with minimum makeup effort.

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Regardless of whether you love K-Beauty or prefer Western Skincare, if you want your skin to achieve this natural glass skin look, spending money and time on skincare is unavoidable. However in Singapore, here’s a quicker, and cheaper method to achieve this elusive look! There’s a super hydrating facial that can do this for you in just 90 minutes! Check out the before and after picture!


New York Skin Solution's signature HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment ($321 for 90 mins) is an intensive hydrating facial treatment that uses hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other bio-active ingredients to repair, renew and rejuvenate the skin!

It is suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne skin, as the facial is fully customizable based on your skin needs. Here are some pictures of the treatment.

Removal of blackheads/whiteheads and unclogging pores


Customised Masking For Your Unique Skin NeedsScreen Shot 2019-06-24 at 12.17.12 PM

A Unique Hard Mask Experience


The facial treatment felt great and surreal. You feel like a princess during the 90-min treatment and you leave the place feeling fresh, with a visible glow on your face. 

Their unique 3-tier masking system also consists of a pre-treatment free skin analysis for new customers so the consultants can understand your skin personally and provide you with the necessary hydration for an instant hydrating boost.

Specifically, this award-winning treatment will help replenish lost collagen and deliver essential hydration to the deep layers of your skin. It helps your skin seal in that much-needed moisture to handle day-to-day skin challenges. Your skin will naturally glow on the outside when it is healthy on the inside.

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Girls, hydration is NECESSARY for healthy and glowy skin. This fact applies to all regardless of your skin condition -normal skin, acne skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin.

Do you want the lasting glow AKA Korean Glass Skin? GSS is here and this means that this is the best time of the year to give this 90-minute facial a try! Click here to experience New York Skin Solution HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment for FREE! Plus, bring home a special HydroPerfect Product Kit on the house too, what a steal!!


Don't miss this promotion! Start your Korean Glass Skin journey asap and glow your way into 2020!

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