Here Are 7 Different Types Of Engagement Rings If You're Ready To Say "YES"

Here Are 7 Different Types Of Engagement Rings If You're Ready To Say "YES"

Bychristinelai on 23 May 2019

Are you ready to drop hints to your boyfriend, so he knows exactly which engagement ring to propose with? Afterall, this is one important ring that will mark an extraordinary day of your life!

Here are seven different types of engagement rings, which is the most suitable for you?



#1 Traditional Round Brilliant Diamond Ring


The round brilliant diamond ring is the most popular diamond ring in the world. You can never go wrong with this; it matches everything that you wear.

#2 Princess-Cut Diamond Ring


Princess-cut diamond rings are rising in popularity these recent years. Especially with the launch of the newest Tiffany True engagement ring. The square-cut edged stone highlights the features of this engagement ring. It's a perfect mix of edgy and class in one.

#3 Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring


The rectangular facets of an emerald-cut ring tend to create a sleek and more elegant look to the wearers. If you are into the haute couture, and fashion, this is one style that will compliment you well and make you stand out.

#4 Oval-Cut Diamond Ring


People who like this specific style like the 'retro-ness' of the ring. It is a little off the conventional round brilliant and not edgy like the emerald-cut stone.


#5 Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring


A tear-shaped diamond ring is iconic. It looks big, but it will also make your fingers look long and slender at the same time.

#6 Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring


This unique sweet heart-shaped diamond ring will melt the heart of any girl. This engagement ring is eye-catching and often becomes a conversation ice-breaker to those who wear it.


7. A Non-Traditional Ring



Non-traditional rings can vary in style, size, cut and colour. It can be personalised to suit the unique personality and style of the special girl.

What's your favourite engagement ring style? What is more important than the right, is saying "Yes" to the right person.

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