Office Ladies LOVE This Face Mask, They Work Out With It And Even Travel With It!

Office Ladies LOVE This Face Mask, They Work Out With It And Even Travel With It!

By christinelai on 29 Mar 2019

Who has time for face masks these days? Smart office ladies have developed these habits to make sure they can keep up with a good face mask routine despite a hectic schedule.

Let's find out some of their lifestyle hacks for healthy glowy skin!

1. The Art Of Multi-Tasking
Make it a habit to mask while you go about your daily activities. This way, you don't think that masking is a burden on your time. When you mask and do something else at the same time, masking adds value to the things that you do because you are taking care of your skin without spending any extra time!


-Put on a face mask when you do your household chores.

-Put on a face mask when you work out, or in the last 15 minutes of your workout.

-Put on a face mask when you are working or reading.

-Put on your face mask while you're eating.


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The next time you scroll through your phone before bed, put a face mask on and let your skin absorb the nutrients while you relax!


2. Pick The Right Mask For Effectiveness
The last thing you want is to be committed to a mask that does not work for you. Choosing the right mask is like selecting a weapon for battle. When it comes to skin care, make sure you pick the right mask!

Huxley is a new skincare brand in town. They recently launched their face mask, and it has what a girl needs!

(Recommended for oily/combination skin. Suitable for all seasons)


This sheet mask is an excellent addition to your hydration routine. It not only can calm parched, irritated skin, but it also creates a moisture layer to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day/night!


(Recommended for dry, sensitive skin. Suitable for spring and fall seasons)


The oil and extract sheet mask can support your skincare routine when you want the extra moisture and antioxidant property. It moisturises your skin so deeply that it further protects and replenishes the driest of skin. Best, it strengthens your skin over time with a lasting effect!


(Recommended for all skin types. Suitable for the winter season)


The wonder mask that can help you achieve bright glowy skin. It helps to even out your skin tone above protecting and soothing your skin from the arid environment.

The end goal: Flawless and bright skin!
Let's take a closer look at this face mask.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 4.43.57 PM


Huxley's masks are uniquely separated into 2 pouches for maximum absorption and retention. Simply pop it up so both pouches will merge as one. Tadah, it's ready for you.

The top pouch contains blue water essence, which provides superior hydration with cooling ingredients such as blue mallow extract, blue agave extract, and OLIGO-HA (ultra-low weight hyaluronic acid).

The bottom pouch contains Huxley’s main ingredient. It's either oil or gel-oil hybrid made from prickly pear cactus seed oil. It creates a moisture barrier on the skin so it can retain the newly absorbed moisture better.


3.  For Those Who Often Travel, Mask Up On Your Flights
Always bring at least one face mask along with you as the lack of humidity and recycled air on the aeroplane can dry out your skin! Do you know which mask to use?


If you're flying to a cold country, bring along Mask ; Oil and Extract. It's great nourishment for your skin during winter time.


If you're flying to a hot country, bring along Mask ; Moisture and Freshness. The moisture layer will be of great support for your skin against a hot and dry environment! This is necessary to prevent breakout and skin peeling upon your return.


Bring along Mask ; Glow and Brightness anytime anywhere to look your best!


You can easily purchase these masks from Huxley's website and on Shopee! Give it a try and feel the difference it makes. These masks are a worthy investment for your skin.

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Make it a habit to mask today and see your skin glow with health in no time!
This post is sponsored by Huxley.

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