4 Basic Tips To Ace The Selfie Game And Free Up Your Phone's Storage Space!

4 Basic Tips To Ace The Selfie Game And Free Up Your Phone's Storage Space!

By GirlStyle on 09 Mar 2019

Every girl needs to know these four essential selfie hacks! You'll be surprised by how much space selfies take up in your phone and worst; they basically look the same! What a waste of space.

With just a little twist and enhancement, slay the selfie game with fewer shots! 

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Here are the four tips!

1. Lighting
Don't ignore the difference lighting can make to your pictures. There's a reason why it became so popular!


Under dark lightings or severely warm lightings, you will appreciate the difference it makes. This add-on will come in handy for night events and dark settings.


When choosing a lighting device, there are 2 things to consider:
a) Temperature: Best if you can switch between warm (orange) & cool (white) lightings.
b) Light Intensity: Adjust from low light intensity to high light intensity.

This picture is a good example:


2. Self-Timer
A timer will buffer you time to look natural instead of the freeze-up smile. Also, you don't need to hold the camera to take a selfie. Place it somewhere and turn the timer on, 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. This way you can change up your selfie game.


Take this casual at-home-messy-look for an example. With proper lighting, timer and props, you look like a fun young adult instead of looking like an Aunty with the same hair and top.

3. Props
You need props to make your selfies look acceptable on your social media feed. Imagine 10 selfies that look the same; you can hardly see the background!

A Coffee Cup?


A Mirror?


A Bracelet?


A Pair of Shades?


A Pamphlet?


Anything can be your prop, and it can also make you feel less awkward when you ask someone to take a picture for you.

4. Photography Apps help you fix the flaws!

f77bf217584c92c16dacb1b05a6a89ad ee755fb55cc8d2c8c72998f93ee5f579Vscocam works wonders. Many influencers and professional photo editors use apps like Vscocam, B612, Meitu, Snapseed and etc. to adjust the lightings and make it better.



Meitu even has a function that can apply makeup for you digitally. Say bye to dark circles and pimples on pictures!


You're on your way to saving time, phone space and better selfie!

Tag your boyfriend and ask him to level up on his selfie game. This way, you can show him off as a prince, and not a toad, to all your girlfriends.

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