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This Korean Babe Weighed 100KG In Uni But She Lost 50KG And Here's How She Looks Now

This Korean Babe Weighed 100KG In Uni But She Lost 50KG And Here's How She Looks Now

By elaine.kiew on 14 Jan 2019

South Korean influencer Jinny ate so many fried chicken and drank so much booze during her university days that her weight shot up to an almost irreversible 100KG but with time and strong determination, she managed to lose a whopping 50kg and became a source of fitness inspiration for more than 100K followers on Instagram today.


Read on for her inspiring weight loss journey.


In her weight loss transformation video that went viral on popular fitness channel DanoTV, Jinny revealed the catalyst that prompted her to lose weight: a waist injury.

Things were going well for her until one day, when her waist decided that it could not support her weight anymore. It was then when she knew it was time to make a change- for the sake of her health.



From then on, Jinny changed her diet and started exercising and she never looked back since.



In the same viral video, Jinny shared some tips she followed strictly:

  1. Drink lots of warm-hot water (3 to 5 litres a day)
  2. Stay away from salty food (especially if you have heavy bottoms)
  3. Eat only a small portion of rice
  4. If you feel that you've eaten a lot, keep moving.
  5. Take in protein and vegetables for lunch
  6. Exercise for at least 10mins everyday
  7. Restrict yourself to one dessert a day and say no to supper
  8. Eat probiotic foods for great digestion
  9. Write down your meal and exercise plan for the week every Sunday
  10. Set a goal of 'Let's love myself in a healthy way' rather than a goal of 'Lose 5KG every month'




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Feeling inspired yet?

Watch her weight loss transformation video here:

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Photos: Jinny (Instagram), DanoTV
Text by: GirlStyle SG