These Power Banks Are Made For The Royals! Hurry And Grab Yours Today, Princess!

These Power Banks Are Made For The Royals! Hurry And Grab Yours Today, Princess!

By GirlStyle on 16 Dec 2018

If you are one of those girls who can't leave your home without a power bank, check this out.

For girls who are always on their social media watching Facebook videos or scrolling through Instagram posts, going out without a power bank is probably suicidal (figuratively) because we know our smart phones will not last the day.

Though there are many different power bank out there, not many are as useful, cute and light as this Disney power bank series. Don't believe? Let's check them out together!


This series features four Disney-themed characters and movies namely Monsters University, Mickey & Friends, The Little Mermaid and Alice In Wonderland.

Besides the pretty packaging, what we love most is that it allows us to charge up to five devices at once with an additional port specially for our AirPods.


Let's take a closer look at the Disney portable chargers. Check out the details!


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Since it's shaped a like a fairytale book, you may wonder how big it actually is.... but fret not. We would say that it's similar to the size of most power bank out there.

Can you imagine walking around with your phone plugged into this power bank?

"Is that a book or...." You're sure to turn heads. 


Good for you if you have a cabinet filled with Disney collectibles. Add this to your collection!


This series is currently being sold on a Japanese online store Strapya for 3700 yen (SGD$45).

It's not too late to add this onto your Christmas wishlist. Share this post to hint your friends or Secret Santa!

Photos: Strapya
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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