12 Pastel Brush Stroke Nails With A Hint Of Gold, You Can Even DIY From Home ~

12 Pastel Brush Stroke Nails With A Hint Of Gold, You Can Even DIY From Home ~

By GirlStyle on 30 Dec 2018

Certainly, this is a nail hack to keep in your pocket.

Time to put your random nail polishes to good use! Don't throw them away. Brush random strokes across your nails, rotating between different nail colours and then, consider it done. It's that easy!

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Adding a stroke of gold makes you look pro. It looks like you had it done at a salon when all you need is easy DIY gold flakes.

There are 2 ways to add a subtle hint of gold:

1) Use ready-made gold flakes. 
Simply apply a top coat(or glue), add the flakes in minute amount and wait for it to dry. Go over it with top coat again. It's done!


2) Nail Foil Sticking 
You can get a nail foil (from Daiso or anywhere else)  to create the very same effect. Simply apply top coat, wait for it to be semi-dry. Then, transfer the gold flakes by dabbing it gently. Finish off with a top coat!

Here's a pictorial explanation:


It's that easy! Now, different colours create a different effect. Check these out and pick your favourite colour combinations.

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