Gucci Is Bringing Embroidery And Denim Back In Style With This Exclusive Collection!

Gucci Is Bringing Embroidery And Denim Back In Style With This Exclusive Collection!

By GirlStyle on 30 Nov 2018

If you think Gucci is only for the old matured, this limited edition denim series will prove you wrong.

Gucci Japan is redefining the fashion scene by adding a twist to their classic bags. In this limited edition series, the variety of line-up includes: handbags, wallets, shoulder bags and makeup pouches.


Aside from the beautiful denim, each bag also promises a sweet, floral lining that every girl would fall in love with at first sight.


Let's take a look at the collection ♡

Their iconic GG statement logo is decorated with pure white pearls for this series and each bag carries a sliding chain strap that can be adjusted and used as a shoulder strap or top handle.



It is also available in this beautiful embrod

Embroidery are all the rage these days and we're so glad Gucci included it in this collection.

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Here's a peek of the floral lining we were talking about earlier.



For those who require a bigger bag space, consider these hand bags.448054_9B53T_4381_001_070_0000_Light-GG-768x768

Likewise, the plain ones come with the pearl GG logo while the others carry these classy flowers on them. Oh, if you love flowers, check this out too!


Here's how their wallets look like.

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Unfortunately, this limited edition denim series is only available in Gucci Japan. However, you can still get fellow travelers to bring it back to you herePrices range from S$610-S$1345. Pretty worth it, in our opinion. It's Gucci baby.

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Photos: Gucci Japan, Pinterest
Text by: Girlstyle SG

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