Khloe Kardashian Eats 7 Meals A Day For Her Hot Bod!

Khloe Kardashian Eats 7 Meals A Day For Her Hot Bod!

By GirlStyle on 25 Nov 2018

One of the hardest thing about dieting is not knowing what to eat. You can have the discipline but what's the plan? Apart from having a list of things to avoid, you should have a consistent meal plan. Khloe Kardashian's nutritionist recently revealed her strategy and we learn from the best!


Her nutritionist Dr Philip Goglia recently reveals what Khloe Kardashian eats day-to-day. She has also recently given birth and by now, she has recovered from post-partum weight gain and some say, she's no doubt in her best shape now!

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Meal One
For breakfast, Khloe will have one scoop of whey protein powder with one tablespoon almond butter and a fruit of choice blended with ice and water and made into a shake.

Khloe has a strict restriction on dairy. A no-dairy conviction is essential to make this meal plan work.. That means no milk, no milkshke, no mocha and no cheese.. Sad.

Meal Two
One serving of fruit, her choice.

Meal Three
4oz chicken breast with vegetables and salad that is high in iron. Khloe commonly choose something like beetroot and spinach.

Meal Four
One serving of vegetables + 12 almonds. Her usual choice: One cup of celery or tomatoes.

Meal Five
More vegetables – for this meal, she'll have either one cup of celery or tomatoes with one egg.

Meal Six
A Fatty fish – either salmon, sea bass, black cod or artic char. This will be served with 8oz of vegetables and salad.

Meal Seven
After dinner, Khloe will have a piece of fruit of her choice!

And cheat day? Does it exist in Khloe's dictionary?
Yes it does! Khloe has a routine of 7 days of discipline and then 1 cheat meal. Where she eat something that she really craves. Be it, pizza, pasta, cake or anything that is not within her diet.

If you want a super hot body and flat tummy. Try thid diet!

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