18-Year-Old Singapore Poly Student Jarrell Ng Crowned SPOP! SING Champion

18-Year-Old Singapore Poly Student Jarrell Ng Crowned SPOP! SING Champion

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By GirlStyle on 06 Nov 2018

After four months of preparation and intense competition, we finally have a winner.

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On Sunday, 4 Nov 2018, the Grand Finals for SPOP! Sing drew a conclusion as 18-year-old Jarrell Ng was crowned the winner while another crowd favourite, Marcus Tay, 21, finished as runner-up.

The Grand Finals held at the Padang saw a strong turnout of more than 8,000 people despite wet weather conditions. The final four contestants namely Jarrell Ng, Marcus Tay, Daryl-Ann Jansen and Karena Yeo broke into song and dance all for the title but only Jarrell and Marcus emerged victorious.

SPOP! Sing
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As the champion, here's what Jarrell Ng walked away with:

  • SGD$30,000 cash prize
  • Debut song written by famous local composer Lee Wei Song
  • An artiste contract where he will be managed by Wise Music and Mediacorp

In his first interview as winner of SPOP! Sing with Toggle, Jarrell shared:

"I think I'm quite satisfied with my performance.. I've always said that Marcus is my biggest competition but he's also a really good friend of mine. He's my best friend but also my strongest competitor (laughs). It's a complicated relationship."

"I've been so busy preparing for the finals [and] I'm very excited about the plans lined up for me."

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It's been awhile since we last had a national singing competition in Singapore and we can't believe it's over this soon! Though it caters more towards the Mandarin-speaking community, we can't deny it's been an exciting journey.

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