China Is Remaking 'The Little Nyonya' And These Singapore Actors Are Gonna Be Part Of It!

China Is Remaking 'The Little Nyonya' And These Singapore Actors Are Gonna Be Part Of It!

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By elaine.kiew on 16 Oct 2018

Our Little Nyonya is making a comeback! Here's who we'll be seeing more of.

If we have to list down the local dramas we're proud of, The Little Nyonya will definitely top the list. Featuring a star studded cast like Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu, Pierre Png and Joanne Peh, the series circles around the biographical flashback of an extended Peranakan family in Malacca set in the 1930s.

Photo from uWeekly

What began as a series to commemorate Mediacorp's 45th anniversary brought in the highest viewership in Singapore in 14 years and today, China is remaking it.

The remake will be produced by Changxin Pictures (长信影视), G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) (建信文化传媒) and iQiyi (爱奇艺). Yes, it's the same iQiyi that broadcasted the critically acclaimed The Story of Yanxi Palace.

When we heard about the remake, we kinda expected it to be a fresh cast but hey, they're retaining two members from the original Mediacorp cast and the original writer!

Let's go check out the cast! ♡

#1 Dai Xiang Yu (formerly Dai Yang Tian)


Our dear Dai Yang Tian Dai Xiang Yu will be reprising his role as Yamamoto Yousuke, the role that turned him into a star 10 years ago.

Photo from Mediacorp

In case you've forgotten, his character marries Juxiang (prev played by Jeanette Aw), who later gave birth to Yueniang, our Little Nyonya.


#2 Xiang Yun

Veteran local actress Xiang Yun who originally played a servant-mistress Wang Tian Lan now have a bigger role to fulfil as the powerful matriarch (prev played by fellow Singaporean actress Li Yinzhu) of the Chen family.



@xiang_yun_ (Instagram)

@xiang_yun_ (Instagram)


During the lensing ceremony for the remake of The Little Nyonya where the main cast was revealed, Xiang Yun shared: "I often watch China-made dramas and wondered if I could ever star in one. I have to thank director Guo for fulfilling my dream to act in a China production."

#3 Jeffrey Xu

@jeffrey_xu (Instagram)
Photo from @jeffrey_xu (Instagram)

Jeffrey Xu will take on the role of Huang Tianbao, a villain previously acted by Singaporean actor Andie Chen.


Check out how our two local stars look in their Little Nyonya get-up~

@jeffrey_xu (Instagram)
Photo from @jeffrey_xu (Instagram)

While we'll be seeing some familiar faces in the new remake, the main leads for this remake are unfortunately not Singaporean~

With this being a China-Singapore collaboration, the rest of the main cast include actors from China and Taiwan.

Photo from Mediacorp

So who will be our Chen Xi and Yueniang?


China's Xiao Yan (middle) will be the lead actress, acting as Huang Juxiang and her daughter Yamamoto Yueniang, both originally played by Jeanette Aw.

Photo from IMDB

Taiwanese Kou Chia Jui will play Chen Xi, the love interest of Yueniang, originally played by Qi Yu Wu.

Filming has started and will continue until end of January 2019. Just like Yanxi Palaxe, the show will air in 2019 via iQiyi, a video website service.

What do you think? With this new cast, will this remake be able to live up to the hype of the original? Let's see!

Text by: Girlstyle SG

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