Romeo Tan And Chen Liping Are Now A Couple~Despite A 30 Year Age Gap!

Romeo Tan And Chen Liping Are Now A Couple~Despite A 30 Year Age Gap!

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By GirlStyle on 02 Oct 2018

Chen Liping and Romeo Tan as a couple? Is that the most unlikely pairing or what?


With a 30 year age gap, this has to be one of the most unconventional couples ever!



Can anyone imagine Chen Liping and Romeo Tan getting all lovey dovey and dating? Hmmmm...



Apparently it's possible. Chen Liping, 53, and Romeo Tan, 33, will be playing lovers in new Ch 8 dialect drama How Are You? 


*Acting only ah...cheeyh. We thought what...*


Nonetheless, we are still eager to see how that's gonna pan out!


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Cute, quirky or strange? You be the judge.


Chen Liping plays a naive, autistic woman in the show and is a foil to Romeo Tan's uneducated Ah-Beng character in the show.






"When I first knew about our pairing, I was like O-M-G! (Laughs) It was quite shocking. It's hard to picture us as a couple. It’s a bit far-fetched."



Liping, on the other hand, seems to be happy and even confident about the pairing!




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"It's wonderful and refreshing!"


"He acted as my son in our two previous dramas together. This time round, he finally plays my boyfriend!"




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From son to lover. How the tables have turned! We would certainly like to see the dynamics between this intriguing pair.



The pair have acted together previously in other shows and have enjoyed an easy chemistry with each other. But, would it be awkward this time, with the roles being slightly different as romantic lovers?



Come next January, you will get a chance see the lovers in action in this 16 episode drama. Are you curious already?



For Romeo, this is his first dialect drama.  In the drama, his Ah Beng character is part of a Hokkien clan. It was exceedingly difficult for him to converse in Hokkien throughout the drama! Perhaps, this was the hardest part of the filming. (not so much trying to develop romantic chemistry with his co-star)




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"My Hokkien is quite bad lah."



Romeo Tan fans will be delighted, as they get to see a new side of him. It's cute to imagine how he would sound like speaking like a Hokkien Ah Beng.




How Are You? debuts on  Jan 4, 2019 on Chanel 8. Are you all excited (or curious) already?




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What do readers think? Yay or Nay? Would Chen Liping and Romeo Tan make a good couple or not?


Text By: Girlstyle SG


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