5 Characters From Yanxi Palace That You Can Also Find In Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace

5 Characters From Yanxi Palace That You Can Also Find In Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace

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By GirlStyle on 01 Oct 2018

If you're having some Yanxi Palace withdrawal symptoms, Ruyi might help you move on.

Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace ("Ruyi") is a sequel to the 2012's Empresses in the Palace and it focuses on Emperor Qianlong's relationship with the step-Empress Ulanara. Though production wrapped way ahead, the drama was delayed for two years thanks to some broadcasting issues.


As a result, Story of Yanxi Palace ("Yanxi Palace")  broadcasted first, stealing all the audience's hearts (including ours). The 70-episodes period drama is probably the black horse China didn't expect. The drama's producer Yu Zheng wanted to make a gamble by featuring lesser-known actors and letting their talents speak for themselves and... he did it. The only famous actress prior to this drama is Chermaine Sheh.

It's actually really refreshing to see the actors immerse themselves in their characters and bring real acting to the TV instead of leeching on their pretty face.

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With both dramas set in the Qing Dynasty during Emperor Qianlong's reign, it's not surprising for fans to compare the two. Today, let's take a look at the Yanxi Palace characters who would be reprised in Ruyi.

#1 Step Empress: Ulanara Ruyi (Ruyi) VS Hoifanara Shushen (Yanxi Palace)


Though Chermaine Sheh's character wasn't the female lead in the drama, the same character played by Zhou Xun in Ruyi is.

#2 Consort Ling: Wei Yanwan (Ruyi) VS Wei Ying Luo (Yanxi Palace)

Wei Ying Luo (right), our quick witted, bold and just protagonist in Yanxi Palace entered the palace as a seamstress to find out the truth behind her sister's death and eventually becomes the Emperor's woman known as Consort Ling.


In a parallel universe in Ruyi, she's just another antagonist who was reduced to a palace maid after her father's treason but rise up the ranks again, eventually becoming Consort Ling.

#3 Empress: Fuca Langhua (Ruyi) VS Fuca Rongyin (Yanxi Palace)


Our beloved Empress Fuca Rongyin (played by the oh-so-beautiful Qin Lan in Yanxi Palace) becomes a scheming character in Ruyi who's always collaborating with Noble Consort Huixian to frame Ruyi.

#4 Noble Consort Gao: Gao Xiyue (Ruyi) VS Gao Ning Xin (Yanxi Palace)


In Yanxi Palace, Gao Ningxin is a performer skilled in the traditional Chinese opera who eventually caught the eye of the Emperor and became Noble Consort Gao. Though she's always scheming against Empress Fuca Rongyin in Yanxi Palace, *spoilers ahead!* her death was an emotional one.

In Ruyi, her character is always full of herself and always plotting against Ruyi.

#5 Qianlong Emperor:  Yanxi Palace (Left) VS Ruyi (Right)

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Nie Yuan's portrayal of Emperor Qianlong was brilliant in our opinion. He exuded the charm of Qianlong (based on recorded history), was a filial son and a no-nonsense monarch.

We are waiting to see how Wallace Huo's portrayal of Emperor Qianlong turns out.

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