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New Beauty Tech Products In 2024 To Take Your Beauty Routine To The Next Level

New Beauty Tech Products In 2024 To Take Your Beauty Routine To The Next Level

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By Karmen on 01 May 2024
Digital Editor

It's inevitable, the age of AI is upon us, and is taking over the beauty space too. Looking at the new and soon-to-launch beauty tech products in 2024, the way forward is beauty rituals that are highly personalised, simplified and time-efficient while minding sustainability - all powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Here are the highlights:

#1 L'Oréal AirLight Pro

AirLight ProPhoto from L’ORÉAL

Anyone with dry, frizzy hair that can't seem to be tamed will be bursting with excitement together with us in anticipation of the AirLight Pro. This next-level professional-grade hair drying tool looks to be setting a new standard for hair tools when it eventually lands in stores.

Developed in partnership with Zuvi, a hardware company created by drone engineers and scientists, AirLight Pro uses a combination of infrared-light tech and wind to dry the hair super quickly and with tender lovin' care, and not to mention, less energy used. Unlike traditional hair dryers with heating coils, AirLight Pro has a special 17-blade, high-speed motor and patented infrared technology powered by tungsten–halogen bulbs. This dries the hair rapidly without the use of excessive heat. And by efficiently drying the hair surface, the strands are left with internal moisture and is left looking smooth and hydrated.

#2 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge sur Mesure

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge sur MesurePhoto from Yves Saint Laurent


There's a child-like whimsy about Rouge Sur Mesure that makes it oh-so covetable. Using 14 innovative patented technology, AI and real-time data, this sleek, compact device creates lipsticks in personalised shades. It can produce up to an astonishing 1,000 different shades.

It works like a printer, selecting the exact ratio of pigments from three lipstick cartridges to create the unique shade of your choice. With the YSL app, try on different lipstick shades virtually. Once you've found your match, press 'create' and the device's motorised system will dispense three lip colours. Mix them together with a lip brush and it will form into the exact custom shade. It can even pick up any shade in real life through your phone camera and recreate it as a lipstick. Want lips that match your handbag or spotted a pretty hue that would look good on your lips? Snap a picture and let the Rouge Sur Mesure work its magic!

As a thoughtful cherry on top, the compact where the lipstick is dispensed can be detached so you can bring your personalised lipstick with you in a gorgeous quilted YSL compact.

Rouge Sur Mesure is now available at the YSL Beauty stores at ION Orchard and Jem and is priced at $500.

#3 L'Oréal Colorsonic

ColorsonicPhoto from L’ORÉAL

A technology in the making for nine years and the first of its kind, this hair colour device streamlines your at-home hair colouring session by automatically mixing and depositing formula right at the root, creating professional salon-like results.

It's also lazy girl-friendly. Just pop in the colour cartridge, press a button and the Colorsonic does the rest of the work for you. As you brush the device through your hair, it mixes colourant and developer in a perfect 1:1 ratio and parts the hair while applying the dye. The bristles move 300 times every minute to evenly distribute colour even at hard-to-reach areas like the back of the head.


A single cartridge can provide one full-head application or three root retouches. As the colourant and developer are stored separately in the device, it remains fresh and can be kept to use later.

With over 20 shades, the formula is free of ammonia, silicones, parabens, sls, sles and phthalates.

#4 Lancôme Shade Finder

Lancôme Shade FinderPhoto from Lancôme

We've all felt that same disappointment in ourselves after picking the wrong foundation shade. Well, that woe's no more with Shade Finder. This smart technology uses patented 360-degree selfie technology that measures skin tone in any lighting to find the skin's exact foundation match.

It identifies up to 22,500 skin tones through a proprietary algorithm built using a dataset from over 400 women with skin tones ranging from the very fairest to deepest.

At Lancôme counters, a Beauty Advisor will collect data points from various parts of your face and determine the best foundation match.

#5 La Roche-Posay Spotscan

La Roche-Posay SpotscanPhoto from La Roche-Posay

Based on AI and developed with leading dermatologists, Spotscan is a diagnostic tool that's made accessible for all acne sufferers as it's free. Just three selfies is all it takes for this tool to analyse and score imperfections.

This derm score is based on a GEA (Global Acne Severity) scale recognised by dermatologists, and indicates the severity of the acne condition. It comes with a recommended personalised skin care routine. If severe acne is detected, the report will advise a dermatologist consultation. While it doesn't replace real dermatologists, Spotscan provides a convenient and vital first step in understanding your skin condition.

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